TBT – Ohio Star

Happy Thursday!

This week has flown by so fast! Before I get to my TBT, just wanted to give a quick update on my Plus Quitl — This past weekend I bought backing fabric in a neutral grey/blue floral print and decided to make the back all one print. With three yards, I was able to make most of it from two panels. I added a little on top and bottom to get full coverage. After basting I found my matching threads and got started on the quilting! More to come on this…I hope to finish it in the next week or two to gift it for a birthday vs Christmas present.

I wanted to get started on my TBT last weekend too, but after glancing at the tutorial it seamed like a very easy block to work on over the week. My weekday sewing time is usually only 15-30 minutes… Monday I selected my fabric, Tuesday I cut and started piecing, and Wednesday I trimmed and pieced the final block. Penny Rose Fabrics went with a light and dark contrast for their Ohio Star tutorial. For my contrast, I went with another yellow and purple color scheme and was happy to use my Yellow Friends from Elea Lutz’s Milk, Sugar, & Flower Collection.

I had quite a bit of trouble trimming down the QST blocks. The Bloc_Loc ruler seems more geared to HST blocks since it has one seam to lock against. With QST, the diagonal seam is going in different directions. Because of this, I trimmed a couple of blocks a little too much on one side and some of the seams do not match up on the final block. I have plenty of this fabric, so this Ohio Star may be another that goes on the back of the quilt and I can make another.

Even with the mistakes, the colors and prints still make me smile 🙂

Ohio Star

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