March WIPs SAL Update 4.7

Unfortunately I did not get any stitching time on my full coverage piece. Instead of leaving you without an update, I thought I’d share my March WIPs instead!

I decided to try indoor seed starting this year. I read a couple of books in February and did some research on an indoor growing setup. I followed this DIY Grow Light Stand setup by The Creative Vegetable Gardener. I purchased my metal stand from Amazon and my fluorescent fixtures and bulbs from Lowes. I went with T8 bulbs, one warm light and one daylight in each fixture. I used peat Jiffy Pots and Fertilome seed starting mix. The seeds were sown before I actually setup the stand and lights as I didn’t anticipate anything to germinate within the week. To my surprise, the cabbage seedlings germinated in just 3 days! They were a little leggy as the were reaching for light that wasn’t there. I quickly setup the stand and put both trays under the lights in anticipation for more sprouts.

The Cabbage was a fast grower. The rest of my seeds germinated with time. Cilantro and peppers took about a week. Eggplant and tomatillos took 1-2 weeks.

The seedling have been doing very well. See their robust growth!

Towards the end of the month, I started to harden off the cabbage and cilantro for outdoor living. After a week of hardening, I put the cabbage in the raised bed and the cilantro in a patio container.

This week I’m hardening off the peppers, tomatillos, and scallions. Hope to plant them next weekend. Now for some stitching! Sorry, as you can see, I’ve been pretty busy with the Spring growth. I did manage to get some progress in on a couple of projects.

At the beginning of the month I added some progress to Madame Chantilly’s Pumpkins Thieves. My goal was to finish the balloon and I did manage to complete this. The balloon took me two full skeins of Barrel Cactus by Classic Colorworks.

About mid month, I worked on Where there are Bees by The Prairie Schooler for my #averyprairieyearSAL update. Neko also turned 10 years old this month! The bottom half of the chart is complete, working my way into the top half!

During the last week of the month, I prepared my new project start for April. This new project is an embroidery pattern called Journey of the Ark by Jan Speed and Julie Larsen. I picked it up at our local quilt show. The picture on the pattern doesn’t do it justice. The quilted model grabbed my attention and I had to buy it! At the quilt show I also grabbed Valdani Thread and Liberty Homestead fabric.

In preparation, I decided to try out Sulky Fabri-Solvi printable stabilizer. I copied the pattern onto this and adhered the designed to my fabric. Once I’m done with the embroidery, I can wash off the stabilizer. I also created a floral project bag for this. This project is my new lunchtime stitch for work. Looking forward to sharing progress with you next month!

Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the SAL group has progressed with their projects! Join me by clicking the blog links below:

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WIPs and a Spring Harvest

I wanted to share some quilting progress with you today. I’ve been working on a t-shirt quilt commission for my husband’s co-worker. These shirts are from her two kid’s high school band years and they will be cherished through a memory quilt. She wanted the front of the shirts on the front of the quilt and the back of the shirts as the back of the quilt. I’m using royal blue sashing and golden yellow binding, which are both the MHS colors.

I backed the shirts with a knit fusible interfacing, then added the vertical sashing to create each row. I’m doing the “cheater” sashing method with no cornerstones, just long horizontal sashing strips in between the rows. Because of this, when you put your strips right sides together, you will not know if the vertical sashing strips are lining up. I used pins as markers on both strips to align when I flipped right sides together and this worked out well for me.

I’ve since added the side and top sashing and have completed the quilt top. Now to do the same process for the back. The back rows are ready, I just need to add horizontal sashing and join the rows. Mom was nice enough to bring me some threads she thought would blend in nicely for the quilting. Hopefully I finish the back this weekend and can start quilting next weekend.

I also started this new cross stitch! It’s a Lizzie Kate pattern 3 Little Words, Never Give Up. It’s actually part of a series that you can stitch together. I only plan on stitching the Never Give Up part since I think it’s fitting for my sewing room. A nice little reminder when I’m working on tough projects. I also found some great file cases from Daiso Japan dollar store and they’re perfect for holding my projects. I’m using DMC for colors I already had in my stash, then bought the overdyed floss for the colors I didn’t have.  I figured it would be a nice opportunity to start that collection of floss. The fabric is 32 count lambs wool…which is a bit stiff and has lots of slub. I don’t think I’ll be stitching on this again, but happy to have tried it nonetheless. I changed the color of the little bird, but finding that my choice might have been too light. I’m thinking instead of unstitching him, I would embellish with a strand of DMC Shimmer thread in a darker blue.

lizzie kate project caselizzie kate progress

Finally, here’s a quick view of my little spring harvest. I think I let these carrots sit too long and only one of them was large enough to eat. The scallions were teeny, but they had a great smell and color. My cilantro has already bolted and flowering, but I am still able to harvest some. I used all of this in my Pad Thai dinner that I made. Petey was quite interested. Such a cutie!

Kohlrabi Harvest

It’s officially winter and I decided to harvest my Kohlrabi! I narrowed down my recipe choices and made this Carrot and Kohlrabi Slaw. It’s chilling in the fridge at this very moment. I’m pairing it with grilled chicken and mashed potatoes.

I’m not sure if this is how big store bought kohlrabi is or if mine is on the smaller side. Luckily this recipe doesn’t yield a huge bowl of slaw. It seemed to work well with my kohlrabi size.

kohlrabi harvested

I trimmed the stems off and added to the compost bin versus eating, so not completely wasted. I then peeled my little kohlrabi followed by grating it with my julienne cutting tool. I peeled and grated my carrots and chopped up some cilantro from the garden. While the recipe calls for 1/4 of a purple cabbage, I put just a tad less than this since my husband is not a fan of it. I also omitted the onions, since I am not a fan of fresh onions. I followed the directions to make the dressing of cider vinegar, honey, salt, and mayo.

ingredients julienne cut

We’re also not huge fans of mayo…you might be asking yourself, “Why are you making a slaw, you crazy person!” Even though we’re a little picky here, I still definitely love a good slaw! I also was quite impressed with this mayo I picked up at Whole Foods. The taste is pretty yummy.

I poured the dressing over the slaw mixture and tossed well to coat.

Slaw mixed with dressingslaw zoomslaw zoom 2

The final step is to refrigerate for several hours. Looks delicious, doesn’t it!?

I’ve recently started up on bullet journaling. It’s an alternative way of using a planner and you are pretty much drawing out the planner yourself. Customizing it to your needs and following some helpful steps to stay productive. It’s all about repetition in regards to writing down tasks and goals. The Bujo (Bullet Journal) community creates some pretty unique spreads and I would encourage you to check them out on Instagram #bulletjournal. A section of your journal, called Collections, is a place where you can add lists of any kinds. So far my Collections section is made up of recipes and special tips. Here’s my slaw recipe and a note to myself on how you should freeze cabbage. I had no idea you had to blanch cabbage before freezing! You learn something new 🙂