SAL Update 5.14

Sorry friends for the delay on today’s post! I’ve been recovering from oral surgery this week as I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Ouch! Because of this, I was unable to schedule my SAL Update to post this morning, even though I did get some rest-in-bed-stitching done 🙂 Today is also Mother’s Day, so my husband and I spent the afternoon with our mom’s. We went on a historical home tour and had lunch. Luckily I survived the tour in my condition. I’m doing ok, but I’m not 100% recovered. I still have some soreness in my lower jaw, eating soft foods, and taking my meds. Luckily, Sunday is still here and I’m just getting around to writing my SAL Update.

Here’s where I’m at with Winnie the Pooh and his pals. I completed filling Pooh in and continued working on Eeyore. I’m so excited seeing this from afar. Eeyore’s head is turned toward Pooh and Piglet, so the black stitches are forming his other ear, if you can imagine.

SAL Update 5.14

For the month of May, my quilt shop drew the number 6 for our UFO Challenge. #6 on my list is to complete 3 Beeutiful QAL blocks. If you remember, I joined this group working on these embroidery blocks, but had stopped to focus on Winnie the Pooh. So far I’ve completed 1 embroidery block, #8 of the series. I’m currently working on #9 and have yet to start #10.

Block 8 – Bee Simple

Beeutiful QAL Block 8

Block 9 – Bee Fruitful (In Progress)

Beeutiful QAL Block 9

Finally, I would like to show off my new project bag that my mom sewed up for me. Even though it’s Mother’s Day, mom always has a gift for me. She is so giving, so supportive, and so loving. Thank you again mom for this beautiful bag!

Project bag frontProject bag back

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Time to check out the progress from the rest of the SAL Group:

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SAL Update 9.4

Similar to last week, I only accomplished stitching one Beeutiful QAL block and some progress on my Classic Pooh cross stitch. I’ve been quite busy working on a baby quilt and other whole cloth baby blankets. I hope to post on these soon!

Block 7 – Bee Charming

I was definitely looking forward to this block as I very much enjoyed stitching this kitty with Block 1. My favorite part of him is the sea-foam green thread I picked for his eyes and the dusty pink used for his nose and ears. For his hat, I used fusible interfacing to adhere black fabric in place. The red running stitch helps to separate the hat and rim. I still need to machine stitch around the hat with matching thread. Sneaky little bee 🙂

Beeutiful QAL Block 7

The cross stitch isn’t going as quickly as I thought, but I’m still enjoying the process. More golden yellow hues, but finally a small change with black, which makes out his eye and eyebrow. I’ve had better luck with my twisty threads since my last post. I continue to use a shorter length of thread and dangle my needle when I begin to see the twist forming. Haven’t had a chance to buy wax, but I’m still interested in trying it out.

Pooh Cross Stitch Update

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend! Do take some time and check out what the other SAL members have been stitching:

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SAL Update 8.14

I can’t keep up! The Bee-utiful QAL is already on block 17! Oh well, one block at a time, one work week after another…I need a stitching vacation! 🙂

Block 6 – Bee Sweet

No new stitches learned with this block and I followed the direction stitch by stitch. A simple block, but how sweet it is.

Bee Sweet Block 6Bee Sweet Block 6_2Beeutiful QAL Blocks 1-6

I didn’t make any progress on my cactus pattern, but I did start on my Classic Winnie the Pooh pattern. Here’s where I’m at:

Classic Pooh Cross Stitch 8.13 Update

Can you guess with the silhouette in the middle is? Obviously, the golden colors of Pooh Bear are developing in the background. I wish I had more time to work on this as I’m enjoying the stitching. My only problem is the twisting of my thread. I just can’t seem to get nice flat x’s. Any suggestions? I keep my floss in skein form and have shortened the length of thread I stitch with. Let me know if there are any special techniques that help your stitching.

Time to blog-hop and see what the group is stitching up!

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