create your own sewing tags [tutorial]

Great tutorial! This is something I want to do in the future. Re-blogging so I don’t lose it 😉 Thanks Vicky!

veni vidi vicky

Create your personal sewing tags | veni vidi vicky

Spoonflower is offering free (worldwide) shipping for 24 hours today. This is the perfect chance to order your personalized sewing tags and pay very little money for it, especially if you’re based outside of the US like I am.

So here’s my tutorial I originally contributed to The Cozy Pumpkin’s Tuesday Tips installment. Check out the wonderful tips and tricks Amanda has been collecting in this series!

Maybe you’re like me and have been meaning to get personal sewing tags for a long time? After some research I found I couldn’t justify ordering 500 at a time or spending a fortune on a small amount with an uneconomic ratio. Since I had my logo ready, all that I needed was someone to print it on the right textile for me. The layout and even the cutting I could do myself.

What you need:
digital layout program (can be Creative…

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2 thoughts on “create your own sewing tags [tutorial]

    • I’m thinking these would be for small items like mug rugs, mini quilts, or for certain gifted quilts. Yes, personal quilts for myself, friends, and family would have a label. If I ever sold quilts or were commissioned to make one so it could be gifted, I would prefer a tag that simply said “Petals and Pins” 🙂


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