A Day at the Quilt Show

Yesterday was a great day! Not only was it the Plano Quilt Show, but it was also a day spent with friends and family. We started the day early to run a couple morning errands and then to prep dinner in advance. I made Salsa Verde and Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas along with Tomatillo Salsa for chip dipping…mmmmmmm. Husband even said it smelled like a Mexican Restaurant in the house! Mom was the first to arrive and we rolled the enchiladas together, then stored everything away in the fridge for later… we couldn’t wait to dig in! Soon after, my mother in law, sister in law, and my two nieces arrived. We had donuts and coffee (kool-aid for the girls) to hold us over. Time for the quilt show!

My best friend met us there and we all had a great time viewing quilts and shopping the vendors. Our first stop was the kids activity room where we learned about coloring blocks. You can draw, trace, or stencil on muslin, color with crayon, then press the designs with a hot iron to set each block. What a great idea! These colorful blocks give such a personal touch. My mother and sister in law loved the idea and the girls got started on their blocks. Here’s my nieces coloring their first blocks! We took some additional blocks home so they could continue their coloring. I can’t wait to help put together their quilt when they’re done.

The second stop was the Project Linus quilt room where we learned about the organization and the quilts we get to make for children in need. Project Linus is a non-profit organization that volunteer to distribute hundreds of blankets per month. These special blankets go out to hospitals and to the children of fallen soldiers. Quilt kits can be found at any of the Project Linus meetings where you can pick-up a bag of pre-cut fabric, batting, and pattern. If you can only make the quilt top, that’s fine too. The organization has contacts for those who will finish up on the quilting. I think I’ll complete my quilt from beginning to end…I selected the cozy felt camping bears kit. Both my mom and mother in law grabbed a kit as well. We were all inspired! My mother in law wants to give the kit to her niece who just started sewing. A great project to get her started with all the material included. I hope to visit her and help her on this. Maybe we can work together on our Project Linus quilts 🙂

Project Linus MaterialsWe then went to look at all the beautiful quilts and even stopped to chat with one of the quilters who had 3 quilts displayed at the show. While we were looking, I heard my name being called out on the intercom…I’d won the door prize!!! There were multiple winners with multiple prizes to choose from. My husband suggested the mystery bag and I’m glad I took his suggestion! This goodie bag was filled with $90 worth of patterns! A fantastic door prize, courtesy of Bernina Sewing Center!

Door PrizeI was on the hunt for a camping/fishing print for a baby boy quilt and found Mouse Camp by Erica Hite for Windham Fabrics. My favorite part in the print is the mouse clothes hanging to dry with paper clips and bobby pins on a line of thread ❤ I also bought myself some paper pieces of Hexagons. I’ve been eager to learn how to make hexies as there’s so much inspiration on instagram. The vendor where I picked these up, also had Moda Mini Charms, Buy 2 get 1 Free! From the bowl of delicious Moda Candy, I bought Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais, Autumn Lily by Blackbird Designs, and Lilies of the Field by Jan Patek Quilts.

Mouse Camp and Moda CandyAfter the show we headed home and had our enchiladas. We shared lots of stories, colored more quilt blocks, played board games, and even did a little sewing. Just before our day ended, mom surprised me with a new ironing board cover, a craft box to hold my 12″ quilt blocks, and The Strip Stick:

The Strip Stick, so-named for pressing seams when strip quilting, makes ironing seams a snap without distorting previously pressed seams.  Other uses include the ability to press intricate piecing, such as one-block wonders and other blocks with intersecting seams.

giftsThanks mom for the wonderful gifts! We all had such a great time. Can’t wait for the next!


9 thoughts on “A Day at the Quilt Show

  1. 😊 it was a well day spent. I had a great time. We just forgot to take a group picture among the beautiful quilts.
    Supper was very good. And I’m glad you liked your gifts.

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    • They’re super easy to make! Just mix a large can of salsa verde enchilada sauce with a small container of sour cream over medium heat. Mix some of the sauce with shredded chicken and roll them with corn or flour tortillas, then pour the rest of the sauce on top and bake at 350. I prefer corn tortillas, but they require some frying to prevent tearing. Can’t wait to start those hexies and the baby quilt!! Stay tuned 🙂


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