Nursery Panel Baby Quilt

Whole cloth quilts are quick to whip up and they are my go to projects for a baby shower gift. I tried a panel for the first time and I really enjoyed making a baby quilt this way. I backed the quilt in cozy flannel, used all natural batting, and quilted the top by following the panel lines. So simple! This baby quilt has a red polka dot binding for the finish. These adorable forest animals make for a perfect tummy-time viewing ❤

panel closeuplabelcozy flannelcozy flannel 3cozy flannel 2animal closeupsanimal closeups 2animal closeups 3binding 2binding



T-Shirt Quilt Commission

Back in March I told you about my T-Shirt Quilt commission and I finished up the project in May. A quick refresher, this was a quilt to showcase t-shirts that my customer had saved from her two children’s years in high school band. We decided to show the t-shirt fronts on the quilt front and the t-shirt backs on the quilt back. The outcome was a lap size reversible quilt with royal blue sashing and a pop of gold for the binding. I quilted with a meandering free motion design in a neutral gray thread by Superior Threads.

t-shirt quilt 1t-shirt quilt 2t-shirt quilt 3t-shirt quilt 5t-shirt quilt

Usually when I complete a quilt, I machine wash and dry the quilt for that final quality check. Unfortunately the bright blue shirt in the center color bled onto the light gray musical block above it! I was able to get the majority of they stain out, but in the end decided to move forward with a cover-up. After discussing our options, we went with appliqued initials for the high school.

tshirt quilt initials MHS

This memory keepsake will be cherished for many years.


Playing with Fabric

I’ve been watching a few youtube videos on fabric organization and love the idea of having my fabric on display. Most of my fabric has been stored away in my Ikea cart or put away in plastic bins and since I’ve had my new shelving up, I’ve meant to put more fabric out on them. I like the idea of having fabric out because it helps me to remember what I have on hand. I buy fabric here and there, store it away, and forget what I have! I think I can get more creative if I see the beautiful colors and prints. I hope that with future projects I can work to use more of my stash…and of course replace it with new fabric!

I found these adorable children’s bookends at Daiso, a Japanese dollar store, and thought they’d be perfect for storing small cuts of fabric or fat quarters. I started my shelf organization with a stack of large yardage cuts, followed by medium yardage cuts, and finally with the small cuts and bookends.

fabric organization_4fabric organization_3fabric organization_2

…and then I realized, wait, there’s more fabric… I guess I better start using some of this fabric if I want to see a whole giraffe again!

fabric organization_5fabric organization_6

Of course Neko decided to come by and help me organize my fabric… After I cleared out the plastic bin (including Neko), I used it to hold all of my strip fabric scraps. My strips went from a medium sized container to this large one. I used one of the day bed drawers to store even more fabric, which consists of some large yardage and scrap fabric. I still have some small baskets of scrap fabric in another room too.

Neko on FabricNeko on Fabric_2Neko on Fabric_5

Also at Daiso, I found these cute rolls of twill tape and this woven basket to store them in. I couldn’t pass up the kitty page tabs either! Could you?

basket of twill tape_2basket of twill tape_3basket of twill tape_4basket of twill tape_5basket of twill tape_6

So happy with how my sewing space is turning out. I look forward to next weekend, when I can sew again. How do you store your fabric? I’d love to hear what works for you!