UFO Challenge #4

#4? These won’t be in order! I’ve joined a UFO Challenge with my local quilt store, which is perfect since my new year’s resolution was to complete my UFO’s in 2017 πŸ˜€

I submitted 6 UFO’s that I will complete in 6 months.Β Every completion guarantees one entry into the prize drawing. The grand prize winner get’s 50% of total registration fees in the form of a gift card and there are also 2nd and 3rd prize winners. But best of all, you get your projects completed! What makes this fun and challenging is waiting for the number to be drawn. Whichever number the shop draws, is the number of the challenge I will work on. April is #4 and #4 on my list is to complete my quilted potholders.

Last year, I had a sew day with my mom, aunt, and grandmother. We all split a jelly roll to make 4 potholders each, but we each only completed a single potholder that day.Β The pile of potholder fronts and backs and a pile of insul-bright have been sitting in my sewing room for an entire year. This was definitely one of the easier projects on my UFO list.

UFO 4 quilted potholders

Last weekend I joined my mom at her local quilt shop for a sit and sew and I completed the 3 remaining potholders. Added a little twill loop to the corner for hanging and voila!

IMG_6215Quilted Potholders

My little potholders are hanging above the stove, ready for action πŸ™‚ Looking forward to May’s UFO Challenge…wish me luck!

Fabric Swap Batik Quilt

A UFO complete! Feeling accomplished, isn’t that a great feeling?! This quilt top was may be the third quilt I ever pieced, but for some reason I moved onto another project. I loved it when I saw it at the quilt show. It was at a Hearts for Holly booth… All the patterns had a completed quilt example and you could grab from a variety of pre-selected fabric kits that would fit that pattern. I loved the example as is, the pattern and the fabric selection. It was my birthday and mom bought me the kit as a gift to me ❀ I believe it was the last kit with that fabric too!

3 years later and this top needed to be complete! I finally visited a batik shop in my area (also after 3 years of living so close to it!) and found the same fish print fabric. I bought enough for a thin border and binding. I also needed backing fabric and found a lovely brown and black print with blue dots. This quilt needed a splash of color somewhere! Batiks are beautiful, but not my favorite fabric. After making this quilt, I discovered that batik fabric can be rather rough. However, this backing fabric is a batik from Robert Kaufman fabrics and it’s amazingly soft! If I make another batik quilt, which I will, it will mostly be Robert Kaufman selections πŸ™‚ The kitty panel fabric I bought at last year’s quilt show is saturated in pink and purple hues — I think this would turn into a beautiful batik quilt! Those colors just pull you in at a batik shop!

As the name suggests, I paired contrasting prints together. Cut strips of various widths and made some Fabric Swap blocks. If you take a closer look you will find fish prints, rabbit prints, leaf prints, and some words like “Serenity” and “Courage”. I stitched in the ditch for the quilting finish.



This quilt has made it’s way into the living room and will live on the couch for a while. So far, it’s been a nice quilt to snuggle with. It’s lap size, around 44″x64″. Of course the cats are loving it too…they always love a new quilt, not sure why πŸ™‚

A humorous image of Neko and Petey that I wanted to share with you. Life of a cat, they always prefer a snug fit. A big comfy bean bag or a little cozy pillow bed? I bought this little bed when Neko was a kitten and she didn’t care for it for years! When I adopted Petey, it soon became his. Now all of a sudden, it interests Neko…


Elephant Baby Quilt

As mentioned before, there were a couple of whole cloth baby quilts that I made last month. I showed you the butterfly quilt a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to now show you the second, an elephant baby quilt. This blanket was probably the quickest quilt I’ve ever made! I had learned about a cousin’s baby shower a little late for quilting comfort, so I decided a whole cloth might be completed in time. The weekend before the shower I purchased the fabric, cut, basted, and quilted….a day before the shower I was able to bind and wash it πŸ™‚ whew!

The shower/nursery theme is elephants with grey and pink colorways and that’s exactly what I found on my fabric search. The cotton top is a repeating print of a mom and baby elephant. The flannel back is a very soft pink. While shopping, I was torn between 3-4 different shades of pink, but finally decided on the softest hue. The diagonal quilting was totally free hand, no measuring or marking! I did my best to stay in between the traveling elephants. For the binding I found a tone on tone grey floral print, which paired nicely. I didn’t realize that this was a wide fabric as it was wrapped nicely on a normal sized bolt. To my discovery when I got home, it was 109″W! I bought a 1/2 yard and only needed to cut 2 strips πŸ˜€ Left overs in my stash for more binding!

Forgot to photograph before putting in the wash and dry. You get to see the comfy crinkle effect!


While mom-to-be received many blankets for her winter baby, this one definitely stands apart from the rest! Plus, you can never have too many blankies ❀