Christmas FFOs

I recently finished a quirky Christmas design by Lindy Stitches from her series Christmas Down Under. I stitched up the Kiwi bird as a gift for my husband’s friend who dreamt he was a kiwi bird. Such a cute coincidence, I just had to offer up some of my time to stitch it up. I decided a flat fold was the best choice for the recipient to enjoy the gift during the holidays, then store it flat or have it out on display year round. I used the Twisted Stitcher’s flatfold tutorial with some minor adjustments, and I loved how it turned out!

I was truly inspired to finish more of my cross stitch this year. With my day off for the holidays, I decided to FFO a couple of my Noah’s Christmas Ark finishes. I already have 2 from the series on my tree and with these FFO’d, that makes 4 complete. The giraffes were stitched in 2019 (I didn’t realize that much time had passed!) and the doves were stitched in 2021. They are finished similarly to the chart’s cover picture, but with a more natural jute twine and darker red bells. I’m currently stitching the bees…maybe that will be on the tree next year!

I’ll definitely need a bigger tree to fit the rest of the designs. Are you enjoying your own cross stitch ornaments on the tree? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Christmas FFOs

  1. Such wonderful projects πŸ™‚ That quirky Christmas gift is so cute. Your friend is really going to get a kick out of it. love the ornaments. A lovely Christmas to you and your family


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