SAL Update 11.27

I made most of this progress on the drive back from the Houston quilt show. Since then I’ve been filling in Piglet’s face. It’s not a pink, but a nice peach hue that I like very much.


We have a new SAL member joining us on our stitching journey. Welcome Helen! We look forward to seeing your WIP. Please visit Helen over at Stitchery Nook for her stitching updates!

You can also check out the progress of the other SAL members by clicking their blog links below:

AvisClaireGunCarole, LucyAnnKateJessSueConstanze, Debbierose, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, and Cindy.

I also wanted to take some time and show you what I bought from the International Quilt Show earlier this month. I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I had some projects in mind to shop for. Discovered Kokka Japanese fabric, which I’m sure has been there before, but it seemed more focused this year at various vendors. The Kokka fabric has a canvas quality, but still lighter and softer than canvas. I thought it would be perfect for a book tote, which was a project I had in mind. Mom and I will also be making some project organizer bags for our hand sewing projects so I think the cat faces and stars fabric will be good for that project. The kitten and tea cup reproduction fabric was too cute to pass up…no project in mind for that one. The adorable Dear Stella foxes print is for a blouse I want to sew up soon. This will be my first clothing project and I can’t wait to get started on it. Finally, the butterfly fabric is 100% organic cotton and I’m using it for a whole cloth baby quilt.


Here’s the book tote bag I made using “The A Bag” pattern, which I also bought at the show. The bag is the perfect size to carry my book during my lunch break at work when I need some time away from the desk. I’m looking forward to making more of these. They would make nice gifts for the holidays.


22 thoughts on “SAL Update 11.27

  1. Nice to see a Winnie the Pooh stitch I remember doing one for my daughter when she was small (she is now in her 40’s lol). Love the dark fabric with the flowers and butterflies though I am not sure if its black or brown – I like it whatever.
    Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone has been so kind.

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