February 2021

Yikes, half way through March already, what is time?? Well, better late than never. Here’s what I accomplished in the month of February!

Cross Stitch

The stitching continued on the Funky Menagerie by Lindy Stitches. This is a monthly Mystery SAL that is being released in 4 parts. Part 2 was a quick stitch and I just love the critters we saw this time around! My favorite has to be that rhinoceros beetle. Which is your favorite so far?

Here’s my Wipgo challenges for Feb and what I was able to accomplish!

The first piece I worked on was Things of Winter by Alicia Paulson. My goal was to complete 3 motifs, so I decided to stitch the snowflake, tree, and sweater. I started this as a stitch along with some lovely ladies on instagram:


The second piece I worked on was Autumn Nodding by Tempting Tangles that I started with a good friend in celebration of our Fall birthdays 2 years ago. My goal was to complete Page 1:



I was able to complete the Frozen quilt I was making for my niece. In Jan I had started quilting so it was very early into Feb that I completed this first quilt of 2021!

Once I completed the Frozen quilt, I was commissioned to make another one, but this time with Minnie Mouse as the focus. These fabrics are precious and I really love how it came together.


Oh February weather… In January I told you that spring was on the way! We had lovely temps and blooming hellebores, but then Texas decided to throw in a winter storm, which I know many of you also felt. For us however, winter storms are not the norm and Texas was unprepared for the historical negative temps we endured. We received around 5 inches of snow and were without power for 24 hours, then spotty power 24 hours that followed. I know many faced even worse situations than us with longer time without power or loss of running water! Luckily we still had heated water. We piled up in bed with double sweaters, a duvet and 3 quilts. Even my cat Neko curled up in between my husband and I under the layers of blankets. This photo was the last day we had snow and not reflective of our coldest day. I wouldn’t dare open the doors to capture that photo! I did have that raised bed covered to protect the onions and garlic, but I was to lazy and cold to secure it around the hoops. They survived and are doing well.

I hope you all had a safe February and a productive one as well πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “February 2021

    • I’ve been slacking on my stitching this month! Been busy with those custom orders. Hopefully I can get more done soon πŸ˜‰ Thank you!

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  1. Wow you’ve been really busy and all the projects are wonderful. Congrats on the Frozen finish – it is fabulous and who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse – adorable! Your cross stitch is perfection and I love the Autumn scene πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks, Sharon! I enjoyed Minnie so much, I’m starting a Mickey one this month 😊 I absolutely adore that Autumn nodding piece. It’s a joy to stitch!

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    • Thanks, Claire! The patchwork design makes for quick and easy quilts. I also just love that Autumn Nodding piece. Probably my favorite wip in my collection 😊

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