Raised Beds – Fall 2017

Fall has approached us and the temps are finally dropping. Still in the upper 80s, but I see 70s in our forecast! I failed at blogging about the summer garden, but basically it was hot and I had a few harvests before the plants succumbed to heat and pests. Here’s a few shots of the summer production:

We’ve started a community garden at work and I’ve learned more about organic pesticides, square foot gardening, watering practices, and growing from seed. It has made me more eager to start my fall beds at home. Last weekend I worked on cleaning out the beds. I pulled out the plants, harvested the last of the jalapenos, and worked the soil. I used thin dowels and jute string to section off 12″ squares in the bed.

This weekend we purchased some broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower transplants, along with some bags of compost and mulch. I also bought some garlic to plant in both my garden and our plot at work.

large raised bed 1large raised bed

In the large garden bed, I spaced out the transplants along the middle section, planted seeds along the front row, and planted the garlic cloves (Inchelium Red) along the back row. I also transplanted the lemongrass plant at the end of the bed. I hope she makes it through the shock of moving as well as the winter months. I’ll do my best to keep her covered during frosty weather 🙂

green magic broccoliLong Island Green brussel sproutsBroccoli Raab ZamboniTasty Red brussel sproutstransplant lemongrass

The basil will definitely have to go soon, but I’ve kept them there since they are still fragrant and useful. The bees are still enjoying the last of the basil flowers as well. While the fall season is still warm, hopefully the basil and the lemongrass will give some needed shade to the seedlings and transplants. These photos were taking during sunset and everything should get adequate sun.  The seeds planted along the front row: romaine ‘Sweet Valentine’, spinach ‘Virdil’, a mesclun mix, and some lettuce ‘Black Seeded Simpson’.

In the small square bed, I add the cauliflower transplant in the corner to give it room to grow, and added seeds in all the other surrounding sections. The seeds in this bed: kale ‘Red Russian’, scallion ‘Parade’, swiss chard ‘Fordhook Giant’, cilantro, and carrot.

cauliflowersmall raised bed

I hope to add soaker hoses for an easy on/off watering on the week days. That has been my biggest gardening challenge, watering! The fall weather is more lenient on watering, but I know these little seeds need to stay moist. I’ll keep you posted on seed sprouts! I hope I see them soon.

Also, a quick blog share for you! My mom just started her own blog, Sunday Sew, and I hope you enjoy reading about her quilting and applique adventures!



SAL Update 9.17

Three weeks really flew by this time! Still no filling, but I’m almost there! Hopefully next time I’ll have completed Eeyore’s outline and started the grey filling. The only outline left is his side, which connects to the front leg. This time I completed his face, smile, and his other ear. In between Eeyore’s ear and face is the outline which continues Pooh Bear’s arm. This took quite a bit of time, a lot of “shadow” stitches.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Time to go see how everyone else progressed these past 3 weeks! We also have a new member join our SAL group. Welcome Jackie from Needleworker’s Samplings. I know you’ll enjoy stitching with us and I look forward to seeing your projects!

Avis, Claire, GunCarole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, ConstanzeDebbieroseKathyMargaret, CindyHelenStephLindaCatherineMary Margaret, TimothyHeidiConnie, and Jackie


Project Linus Quilt #2

Another Project Linus quilt completed! I finished this quilt in August and turned it in to the organization at my local quilt show. While I was there I grabbed another quilt kit with turquoise and grey floral fabric, polka dots, and a beautiful grey flannel back. I look forward to piecing that one together!

Let me show you the quilt I completed for Project Linus this year. I love the retro ice cream shop fabric and the kit had some fantastic pairings including a minty blue fabric for the HSTs. I made tiny four-square cornerstones and added pairs of sashing strips, alternating them throughout the quilt. Quilting was a bit troublesome. I quilted 1/4″ away from the HST seams and stitched in the ditch along the sashing. The batting was thicker than I’m use to and I found it difficult to quilt and keep the sashing taught with all those seams. There was a bit of bunching and shifting, but I did my best to complete the quilting in this manner. In the end, it was hardly noticeable.

Project Linus_retro_icecreamshop2Project Linus_retro_icecreamshopProject Linus_retro1Project Linus_retro2Project Linus_drape1Project Linus_drapeProject Linus_HST

The retro ice cream fabric makes up the entire back of the quilt and a blue polka dot fabric finishes the quilt in the binding. As I was putting away all the fabric remnants into the kit bag, I discovered a little baggie labeled “Borders”…. facepalm … oops, oh well the quilt was still a descent baby quilt size without the borders. The ladies from the organization told me it was no problem and that they could easily place them with another kit 🙂 I think I will set myself a goal and complete two Project Linus Quilts next year.

For those who don’t know, Project Linus is an organization that donates hundreds of blankets every month to children in need. There are chapters in all 50 states and blankets are collected locally, then distributed locally to hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, and more.

Proud to be a Blanketeer!