Into the Jungle SAL – June

Happy Summer! It’s officially hotter than hot here in Texas and I’m already looking forward to Fall. I guess the hot weather goes with my jungle themed cross stitch right?

For June we stitched up a pair of cockatoo birds and I love the colors in this block.

into the jungle sal June 2into the jungle sal June 3into the jungle sal June 5into the jungle sal Juneinto the jungle sal June 4into the jungle sal June 6

These adorable birds were such a joy to stitch. It’s never too late to join! You can buy the pattern at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and start with July’s release. I can’t believe we’re already 6 months in, but still excited to stitch 6 more!


SAL Update 6.17

As promised, Eeyore is finished! I had hoped to include some additional stitching on Pooh Bear, but as you’ve seen I’ve been stitching on other projects.

SAL 6.17

It took 2 full skeins of DMC3747 to complete Eeyore but the pattern technically called for 2.5 skeins 😀 1 full skein for my DMC binder! I still have to fix his eye, but I think I’ll just save that for the very end. I really want to get a start on Pooh Bear…but I’m also dreading all that yellow! Hmmm, to outline or to fill? 

I also wanted to share with you the progress I’ve made on Plum Street Samplers Noah’s Christmas Ark. Neko was nice enough to help prop my fabric up for the photo 🙂 I’m really enjoying stitching with 1 thread of floss too and I’m LOVING this Lakeside Linen ❤

Noah's Christmas Ark Plum Street Samplers

I’m excited to see how everyone in the SAL group is progressing on their wonderful projects! If you’re interested in joining our group, please contact Avis below. It’s fun to talk with others who share your passion and helps to motivate you on those long projects! Join me on a blog hop by clicking the links below:

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Never Give Up FFO

I have a finish! Last week I finished Lizzie Kate’s 3 Little Words: Never Give Up. It’s actually a very quick stitch, but I worked on small chunks in between my two SAL rotations, plus I picked up some new starts along the way. I stitched this pattern on 32 count Lambswool Linen and used a mix of the called for hand dyed floss and DMC.


It’s so pretty! I was worried about some of the larger slubs in the linen, but you can’t even see where they are on the finished piece. When I bought this pattern, it was suppose to come with a tiny olive round button for the birdhouse, but it was missing and I didn’t know when I made my purchase. So I purchased this little heart button from my LNS and am happier with the heart hole versus a round hole for the birdhouse. I also love the subtle variegation of the flower.

Last night I stayed up late for #xssleepover and decided to fully finish my piece! XStitch Sleepover was hosted by Theresa Venette aka Kitten Stitcher. It was an opportunity for stitchers all over the world to have a stitching “sleepover” and to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Alone or with friends, the stitching community was getting together via social media to have fun and do what they love! I love Theresa’s flosstube channel as I’m always learning something new! She designs reproduction samplers which are always fascinating to see and learn about. I hope one day to stitch one.

On to the finishing! Of course, I had been studying Vonna Pfeiffer’s tutorials from her blog and on Flosstube. She’s amazing at finishing cross stitch and she offers a finishing service for a living. How kind of her to provide tutorials on how to finish for ourselves!

I decided on a flat ornament as the idea was to hang it on my door to my sewing room. Where else do I face such challenging projects where a little motivation is what I need from time to time! I was also torn on which fabric to use as the backing. I had two matching pinkish purple fabrics that I wanted to use. With the help of some friends on instagram, I decided to use both. This isn’t a tutorial, but I wanted to share the resources I followed and some tips I learned along the way.


Here I was trying to decided on which fabric to back the stitching with and which fabric to be the main backing. I decided on the left:

After cutting my piece down to size, I decided to use a basting method, 1/4″ away from the stitching to mark my edge. This isn’t on the tutorials I listed above, but I’d seen someone do this on instagram and I thought it was a fantastic idea to ensure your piece is straight on. Once it’s all glued together, you can snip and remove the basting stitches. My linen was very stiff and the glue would not hold down my corners. Here, I used wonder clips to hold them in place while I covered the other mat boards with fabric. Once I was ready to glue the layers together, the clips were removed and my corners were staying put.


With a thin matching ribbon, I attached my hanger in between the two fabric boards and I was done!

Tips: The last board with the poka dot fabric, I used the Just CrossStitch tutorial and machine sewed this cover so it was seamless on front and back. I used a ladder stitch to close the bottom after inserting my matboard. To ensure all layers were straight, I used the wonder clips on all corners as a guide after measuring the margins with a sewing gauge. I covered my finished project with a towel and placed a book on top to allow everything to dry and set flat.


Fabric used: Penny Rose Fabrics Hope Chest (Dot) and Moda Fabrics Rustic Weave (solid)

Also during #xssleepover, I made myself some needleminders! I was having a very crafty night 😀