A Caturday Update

Hello friends! I wanted to share some pictures of Neko and Petey on this lazy Caturday… You usually don’t get to see Petey. He’s my timid tuxedo cat who’s usually in hiding, but I left this bedroom door open and the cats found a soft spot for a nap.

sleepy catsNekotuxedo catPetey

On a gardening update…everything is in bloom in the flowerbed and the veggies (fruit) are producing in the raised beds. We’ve eaten a few strawberries…one at a time…I look forward to a bigger harvest if I can get one. I’ve even caught the hummingbird visit a few times, but haven’t been able to snap a shot. Weather has been a little crazy around here. Lots of rainy days and a couple of hail storms have ripped through the foliage. It’s definitely warming up as summer weather is approaching us here in Texas.

Sweet banana pepperCherry tomatoeschocolate sprinklesPurple Basil

I recently added some Caladiums to the covered patio. We had a small wooden planter that has been empty a few seasons. I would like to add more shade plants to the patio for some color and charm. Here, the Caladiums get morning sun and afternoon shade.

red and white caladium

I have been working on some quilts as I was commissioned by my uncle to make three quilts for his grandchildren. The request is for two boy quilts and a girl quilt. I have posted some progress shots on Instagram, but will have to take some better quality shots for the blog soon. I have two tops complete and just bought fabric for the third. All three will have their names on the front as well. Here’s a peek at my latest fabric purchase. Stay tuned!

fabric stash

How is your Caturday turning out?