Fabulous Fusible February

March is half way over and realizing I haven’t posted on my February project! Better late than never sounds good to me. For the month of Feb, the All People Quilt UFO Challenge called for #6 on my list, which was Melinda Bula’s Fabulous Fusible Flower project that I started back in 2019. Both mom and I took this class together and went with differnt colorways. Here’s where my project left off in 2019:

I had fused the first layer down and it was ready for more layers! Mom and I got together a couple of times throughout the month to work on our coneflowers. We made a fantastic mess of her dining table, but how else do you craft?? We watched a couple of Melinda Bula’s youtube videos as a refresher on what to do next.

Here’s how much I accomplished on our first craft day. Mostly prep work getting all the fabrics fused and the shapes cut. The background fabric I chose reminded me of plant cells, really cool and happy with the effect.

After our second craft day we were done fusing all the layers! Added some stems, leaves (which I free handed), and fused to our background fabric. We bought some matching threads for the next step which will be to thread paint on the flowers and quilt around the design. For now I have it pinned up on my wall to enjoy. I love how the oranges turned out on mom’s flowers!

I have yet to start my March UFO call or my March wedge embroidery, so wish me luck!


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