UFO Challenge #3

I completed my July UFO Challenge 🙂 #3 on the list was to complete my TBT (Traditional Block Thursday) quilt top. I started these blocks at the beginning of 2015 as a quilt along with Penny Rose Fabrics. Many of these quilt blocks were my early teachings of piecing.

design wall

Here’s the lovely fabric I found for the sashing and borders. The sashing has little triangles (Dear Stella Chroma Basics) and adds a little modern touch to this reproduction quilt.

sashing and borders

Here’s all the blocks pieced together with sashing, and Neko supervising of course 🙂

sashing added

As I worked through my quilt top, I noticed my thread running low. I’ve been working on this spool of thread…probably since I started this quilt!

I made it to the shop in time to get my completion check off and my name entered in the drawing. I received two submissions, one for the completion and the second for a large quilt top 😀 Now I just have to sew up a backing and quilt it! …maybe I’ll complete this quilt first thing next year… Little at a time, right?


12 thoughts on “UFO Challenge #3

  1. Great job on a goal completion. And I bet it’s nice to check it off your list. Turned out very nice.
    And it’s a kind of good feeling when you see an empty thread spool.


    • Thank you! Very happy to complete the top. A little overwhelmed with the finish as it’s the biggest quilt I’ve made yet. I’ll keep my eye out for more thread at the quilt show.


  2. blocks looks lovely all assembled . . . come on Christina . . . get the backing & quilting done. You’ll feel so proud of yourself when you do.


    • Thank you! I know I know… Let’s see, I have two more UFO challenges to complete and a king size quilt commission to finish by the end of year… I’ll try! 😊


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