UFO Challenge #6

For the month of May, I was challenged to complete #6 on my UFO list. #6 is to complete 3 Beeutiful QAL blocks. Last year I completed blocks 1-7. For May, I completed Blocks 8-10. I finished block 10 today, 15 minutes before the shop closed! I technically have until Wednesday to have my completion checked off by my local quilt shop. Hopefully I can make it there during the work week…but if not, at least I was able to meet my goal!

I showed you block 8 and my work in progress block 9 during my SAL Update, but here’s all 3 final blocks for your viewing pleasure:

Block 8: Bee Simple

Block 8Block 8_zoom

Block 9: Bee Fruitful

I added little quilt ties 🙂

Block 9Block 9_anglezoom_quilt tieszoom_quilt ties 2

Block 10: Bee Kind

My favorite…

Block 10Block 10_angle


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