Blooming Perennials

Spring is slowly turning into Summer and just about everything in the garden is blooming.

Gaura lindheimeri with it’s swirling white butterfly blooms. Every year this perennial gets attacked by aphids, but it’s interesting to see the ladybugs come to the rescue. Nevertheless, this plant remains a beautiful focal point in the garden.

gaura 3

Autumn Sage is lively year round and the red blooms made their appearance early spring.

autumn sage 2

Mom gave me a Penstemon seedling from her garden last spring. While it didn’t bloom last year, it has been a prolific bloomer this spring. Currently all of these blooms have faded, but there are just as many buds, so I’m expecting another show.

penstemon 3penstemon 5

These three little primrose plants have definitely taken root and enjoying this sunny space. It has spread beyond the borders of the bed and needs some trimming from time to time. I enjoy seeing these brightly colored blooms and as you can see I’m not the only one 🙂

primroseprimrose 2

In the backyard, cedar sage is taking over the flower bed. What started as 2 plants purchased 3 years ago, has turned into 6+ plants. They easily spread and I have no problem with that. I love the lily pad shaped foliage and their bright red flowers.

Cedar Sage blooms

As the heat sets in, there’s not much more I can do in the garden besides trim spent flower stalks and keep everyone watered and healthy. Time to sit back, relax, enjoy the blooms, and watch the hummingbirds ❤


8 thoughts on “Blooming Perennials

    • Me too! Must be a summer bloomer. It too has some black aphids of some kind. Read that catmint is a good determent?


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