Raised Beds – Spring 2017

A little late in the game, we continued our Spring gardening in the back yard where we have raised vegetable beds. Our favorite local nursery had a limited selection when we visited and while I did find some great plants, I was sad to return home with no jalapeno plants.

My first step was to remove the old dead plants and roots from the garden bed. I used a pitchfork to discover all the old roots from previous seasons, whoops… At least I know the plants are enjoying life and spreading their roots 🙂 Second step was to add new compost and amended garden soil. Mixed the old with the new and evened out the soil for new plantings.

I totally failed and my first round of seed planting this past fall. I don’t think I watered enough or kept a close eye on the growth. Luckily, I spotted these three surviving sprouts:


They were in the ground for quite some time…not sure if they were edible, but they smelled great! I still have plenty of seeds and I may try again. Seeing the largest of the carrots above was a great feeling! In fact, I may need to invest in some jalapeno seeds…since I’m having no luck finding transplants.

In this small bed, I still have some Brussel Sprout plants and Cilantro that are in their final weeks. I made some room for my new transplants, Lemongrass and Green Beans.

LemongrassLemongrass_2Green BeansGreen Beans_2

The Lemongrass might get big, so I planted in the back. We recently bought some dried lemongrass for tea and I would like to dry my own or steep it fresh. This is also my first time growing green beans! We planted two of them…I’m not sure how many green beans they will produce or how often, but I enjoy learning which plants work for us so we can continue planting them. Other perennial herbs that continue to flourish in this bed is Oregano and Chocolate Mint. The Parsley is huge, but I think also in it’s last weeks.

In the larger raised bed I planted cauliflower, eggplant, tomato, and herbs. I’m wondering if Cauliflower is a cold/Fall plant. The tag mentioned something about it’s tolerance of cold weather…so just in case, I planted in a spot that gets a little more shade than the rest. Eggplants worked so well for us last year that we bought two varieties: Fairy Tale and Patio Baby. Patio Baby will be little eggplants; I can’t wait to see the cuteness! Last year we grew cherry tomatoes, this year we’re growing regular sized green tomatoes called Green Zebra. Finally, I grabbed two varieties of basil. Don’t you just love the smell of basil?! I also have perennial herbs oregano and thyme growing in this bed and they continue to do well. The chives I planted last year are still growing, but I noticed have no taste! It’s very strange and not worth having, but I don’t have the heart to pull them out. I have another set of chives that taste great and are currently in bloom.

Cauliflower SkywalkerFairy Tale EggplantGreen Zebra TomatoGreen Zebra Tomato_2Patio Baby EggplantSweet BasilSweet Thai Basil

Garlic continues to grow at the foot of the garden bed. They were planted in October of last year and will be ready for harvest this summer. This much garlic will last me a year!


Raised beds_vert

Blooming Chives

I look forward to sharing with you some harvesting updates!


12 thoughts on “Raised Beds – Spring 2017

  1. Yes, the carrots are still edible and I know that smell your talking about, nothing beats the smell of fresh carrots.
    Boy I’m behind or maybe lazy😉.
    Your beds/transplants look good. Didn’t know you planted garlic. Cauliflower is a fall plant. But it will be fun to see what it does.
    Green beans are easy and fun to grow, you might get enough to snack on or maybe a one/two servings. I think I’ll do my beds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, glad I could encourage you! Good to know on the cauliflower, I thought so. I’m seeing some quick growth already from the green beans! I will share some garlic with you… If they’re bigger than last year’s! 😂


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