Spring Growth in the Flowerbeds

Last week, we took some time to work in the garden. We’re making it a yearly routine to purchase a delivered mulch drop from our city, as Spring is a great time to prep the beds in preparation of the Summer heat.

To the east side of our house we have two crape myrtle trees that get morning to afternoon sun, then shade. As of last year, we’ve been laying mulch here to help the soil soften up. I cleaned up the edges of the bed, removing weeds, and decided to add Coral Bells here. We still need to add gutters to the house, so I didn’t want to plant too many. I hope they do well here as I hope to add more to this space.

Here I planted three Obsidian Coral Bells. They will grow 18-24″ H x 16-18″ W and bloom through the spring and summer seasons.

coral bell 3

coral bell flower stalk

Next, we re-mulched the front garden bed. I’ve had these plants for a couple of years now and they’re doing well. Still growing, with blooms around the corner. In This bed I have Coreopsis, Gaura lindheimeri, Dianthus (which is already in bloom), Autumn Sage, Verbena, Big Red Sage, Evening Primrose, Santolina, Penstemon, and Yarrow. I recently tucked in some annual salvia splendens to add some early splashes of color. I’ve spotted some red blooms from Autumn Sage and pink buds from Penstemon. Looking forward to sharing their blooms with you as I see more. The Dianthus blooms are so fragrant, that I took some cuttings into the kitchen. Just walking into the space and you can smell the sweet fragrance from just three little blooms. My Verbena was growing out of control and I was dealing with a lot of old wood growth underneath newer wood growth. I’m not sure how to keep it pruned, but decided to take as much of the old dead wood out as I could. She’s a little bare, but I can already see some new green growth and purple blooms.

(click to zoom)

The last gardening task we accomplished was creating a new flowerbed at the corner of our lot. This space needs drought tolerant, sun loving plants. Little right now, but we plan on extending this size of this bed. Digging a new bed that hasn’t been prepped is a major task! I can’t tell you how sore I was when I woke up the next morning! After adding some soil amendments, we planted Mexican Feathergrass and April Night Salvia. The feathergrass will grow 24″H x 18″W and the salvia will grow 12-15″H x 12-18″W.

Salviasalvia bloommexican feathergrass

By the next day we already had some pollinating bees enjoying the salvia blooms. The next plan would be to extend the back of this bed with a raised bed to add some height. I’m thinking Red Yucca would look nice and then border the bed with stones.

This weekend I hope to get our backyard veggie/fruit garden beds replanted. Maybe some more coral bells for the very back where I have another crape myrtle and shady spots. We’ve been composting in a particular spot back there under the crape myrtle and it’s time to move the bin into a new spot and utilize the now fertile ground.


6 thoughts on “Spring Growth in the Flowerbeds

  1. Love your new bed by curb side! And I have always loved corral bells.

    Yes try to keep it simple and drought tolerant. Just keep your new plantings, the ones in the sun moist for awhile till they root, but not too wet.
    Looks great!

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  2. You have had a very busy and productive week! We have finally had one week without snow here, and the robins arrived midweek, so I think spring may be on its way. The neighbor’s tulips are now about 4 inches tall, so the green is coming, slowly but surely!


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