Fabric Swap Batik Quilt

A UFO complete! Feeling accomplished, isn’t that a great feeling?! This quilt top was may be the third quilt I ever pieced, but for some reason I moved onto another project. I loved it when I saw it at the quilt show. It was at a Hearts for Holly booth… All the patterns had a completed quilt example and you could grab from a variety of pre-selected fabric kits that would fit that pattern. I loved the example as is, the pattern and the fabric selection. It was my birthday and mom bought me the kit as a gift to me ❀ I believe it was the last kit with that fabric too!

3 years later and this top needed to be complete! I finally visited a batik shop in my area (also after 3 years of living so close to it!) and found the same fish print fabric. I bought enough for a thin border and binding. I also needed backing fabric and found a lovely brown and black print with blue dots. This quilt needed a splash of color somewhere! Batiks are beautiful, but not my favorite fabric. After making this quilt, I discovered that batik fabric can be rather rough. However, this backing fabric is a batik from Robert Kaufman fabrics and it’s amazingly soft! If I make another batik quilt, which I will, it will mostly be Robert Kaufman selections πŸ™‚ The kitty panel fabric I bought at last year’s quilt show is saturated in pink and purple hues — I think this would turn into a beautiful batik quilt! Those colors just pull you in at a batik shop!

As the name suggests, I paired contrasting prints together. Cut strips of various widths and made some Fabric Swap blocks. If you take a closer look you will find fish prints, rabbit prints, leaf prints, and some words like “Serenity” and “Courage”. I stitched in the ditch for the quilting finish.



This quilt has made it’s way into the living room and will live on the couch for a while. So far, it’s been a nice quilt to snuggle with. It’s lap size, around 44″x64″. Of course the cats are loving it too…they always love a new quilt, not sure why πŸ™‚

A humorous image of Neko and Petey that I wanted to share with you. Life of a cat, they always prefer a snug fit. A big comfy bean bag or a little cozy pillow bed? I bought this little bed when Neko was a kitten and she didn’t care for it for years! When I adopted Petey, it soon became his. Now all of a sudden, it interests Neko…



10 thoughts on “Fabric Swap Batik Quilt

  1. High 5 for a completed UFO! Looks great, like the backing. I too quite didn’t like batiks, but these new ones coming out are nice. My new appliquΓ© project has batiks in it and are nice to work with, not too much fraying.

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