Cloth Napkins

One sewing goal has been marked off my to-do list! My first completion for 2017 are my cloth napkins and tea towels.

Towards the end of 2016 my husband and I had decided to use less plastic (not only for the environment, but for our health too), consume more organic, recycle more, and just be weary of the chemicals found in everyday personal and household products. I bought some organic cotton yardage before the new year so I could make cloth napkins and kitchen towels. Lucky for us, there are some wonderful fabric manufacturers that offer these selections in beautiful and trendy prints! For the cloth napkins, I went with some fun prints and colors. For the tea towels, I went with a gingham print. I’ve made cloth napkins before, but in the past I used two pieces of fabric, a cotton print top and muslin back. This time I found a different pattern using just one piece of fabric, with mitered corners and a rolled hem….which actually may have been more work, but both variations give a different end result in the look and feel of the napkin.You can find the mitered corner fabric napkin tutorial here. A 1/2 yard of fabric made two 16″ square napkins.

Here’s the first set I made. I LOVE the vintage lemon print! The wine and green prints have a bit of gold shimmer as well.

The second set using more masculine colors.

For the tea towels, I bought a yard of each color and made 4 to a set.

They took me a couple of weekends to complete, but we’ve been using them all! Very happy with how they turned out. On to the next project! Speaking of which, today mom and I went fabric shopping at our favorite shop, which is closing doors in a couple of months. We’re so sad to see them go. They are liquidating their inventory so there was some great discounts! I decided to shop for my next commission, a king-size quilt…I’ve never made anything so big! At 30% off a yard I couldn’t resist getting everything I needed now. Here’s a sneak peak at the fabric selection. Books were 40% off and so I started here to find the pattern. The book I found, Think Big, uses 18″ blocks to create various sizes of quilts from baby to king. Perfect!


I’ll be working on this commission and my UFO Batik Quilt simultaneously. Stay tuned for more updates on these projects πŸ™‚



18 thoughts on “Cloth Napkins

  1. Fabric shopping was a fun time, but funny how you don’t even notice the hours flew by in the fabric store! Your fabric napkins and tea towels came out nice. Excited about the king size quilt, which I know will turn out very nice.

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    • Thanks! Yes, time definitely flew by! Can’t wait for our sew day now 😊 Hopefully I can start cutting everything. Made copies of the math sheets from the book, worked through those, so I know all my cutting qtys now.


  2. Mitered corners are not my favorite to pin, but they look so good on the finished product! Yours look great, and what a fun variety for setting the table too. That quilt will be something to watch, the blues are wonderful, I’ll be looking forward to see hat you decide on.

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    • Thanks Kathy! I’m not sure on general mitered corner processes, but this tutorial made it easy. No pinning involved! Yes, can’t wait to show you all better photos of each fabric selection πŸ˜„


    • Thank you so much! Yes, we definitely want to limit the amount of pesticides we’re exposed to. Thinking of buying organic terry cloth to make bath towels and buying an organic sheet set for the bedding πŸ˜€ I look forward to seeing your cloth napkins when you make some!


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