SAL Update 12.18

Three weeks have flown by us again! Being so close to the holidays, I didn’t get too much time to stitch. I’ve been working on a couple of baby blankets, some cloth napkins, and then filling in Piglet from time to time. Here’s where I’m at now, not completely finished filling in piglet, but I think I may get that done today. The weather here in Texas sure does call for some stay indoors and stitch kind of mood. We went from almost 70 degrees yesterday to 17 degrees this morning! The cold arctic blast made its way through yesterday around 3 or 4 pm. I’m sure we’ll see the 60s again soon…for now I’ll just hide under a blanket with some coffee and my stitching supplies!

sal 12.18.jpg

Hope everyone else is staying warm! Grab a warm drink, relax, and check out the other post from the SAL group by clicking their blog links below:

AvisClaireGunCarole, LucyAnnKateJessSueConstanze, Debbierose, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, and Helen.

We’re also excited to have a new member join the group 🙂 Welcome Steph! I look forward to seeing what you’re stitching over at My Making Do Adventure. Cute blog name!

21 thoughts on “SAL Update 12.18

    • On your Dear Jane? Great plan! We’re definitely not used to this kind of weather… Even the cats squeezed in between husband and I in bed for warmth 😄


  1. We are in for a heat wave, hopefully you’ll get some too. After a high of -7 yesterday, it was a whopping 4 above this morning, and its rising by the hour. We may make 20 degrees and then a warming trend through the week. Pooh is beginning to look like himself. So many projects, why do we have to go to work?!

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  2. I feel your pain about the temps. Here in Montana we have been below 0 for a week now. The other day we had wind chill down to -24F. Good weather to stay in and stitch.
    Piglet is looking good. Hope you find more time to stitch.

    Merry Christmas

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    • Wow, I knew my Texas weather wouldn’t compare to the places some of you ladies live in 😄 I’ve never experienced single digit temps and the wind chill is 3 degrees here… I’ll take’s word for it!


    • Used a google conversion for that 🙂 That sounds a little closer to what we have on our coldest days of winter here in Texas. Looking ahead, we’ll be back in the 60s F by Wednesday!
      Thanks Claire!


    • Not bad at all, that would be 40s for us. Yes, that little kitty is a magnet and she minds my needles for me 🙂 It’s pretty strong, sometimes it even pulls in my little scissors.

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