SAL Update 8.14

I can’t keep up! The Bee-utiful QAL is already on block 17! Oh well, one block at a time, one work week after another…I need a stitching vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

Block 6 – Bee Sweet

No new stitches learned with this block and I followed the direction stitch by stitch. A simple block, but how sweet it is.

Bee Sweet Block 6Bee Sweet Block 6_2Beeutiful QAL Blocks 1-6

I didn’t make any progress on my cactus pattern, but I did start on my Classic Winnie the Pooh pattern. Here’s where I’m at:

Classic Pooh Cross Stitch 8.13 Update

Can you guess with the silhouette in the middle is? Obviously, the golden colors of Pooh Bear are developing in the background. I wish I had more time to work on this as I’m enjoying the stitching. My only problem is the twisting of my thread. I just can’t seem to get nice flat x’s. Any suggestions? I keep my floss in skein form and have shortened the length of thread I stitch with. Let me know if there are any special techniques that help your stitching.

Time to blog-hop and see what the group is stitching up!

Avis,ย Claire,ย Gun,ย Carole,ย Wendy,ย LucyAnn,ย Kate,ย Jess,ย Sue,ย Constanze,ย Debbierose, Susan, and Kathy.


25 thoughts on “SAL Update 8.14

  1. Same as Claire. I try and do it about every 10 stitches at least. The other thing is, when I unravel two threads from the 6 in the floss, I’m careful to straighten the threads completely before I start stitching, so they lie flat in the needle eye. If you start with a twist, it just gets worse.

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    • Thanks, Kate! Sometimes I use one long thread and fold in two. This shortens it and gives me my two threads. Then I catch the loop in the back to start my first stitch. Maybe this is causing the constant twist? I’ll try two separate strands on my next stitches.


  2. A part from everyone else’s suggestions, I use thread heaven or good old fashioned beeswax. I find that helps tame threads like the satin thread I’m using, I’ve also used it to tame metallic thread ( they are better used slightly warm, eg I leave mine on a sunny window ledge or on/ above a radiator in winter)

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  3. Christina, still lots of progress! I can relate to your wish to catch up. I’m dying to start the Splendid Sampler, but I just can’t until I finish two wedding gifts…the group is half way done, and I haven’t started my first block! Everyone else has advised you on thread…I wonder if it has more to do with being a satin floss? Maybe that particular type is extra finicky.

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    • Glad to hear in not the only one ๐Ÿ˜Š Projects will always be there for later so we can catch up! The splendid sampler is adorable!
      I don’t think my floss is satin, just the regular DMC. But have you ever noticed how some colors stitch differently than others?

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  4. I agree with having a vacation for projects, I need a quilting vacation.
    Maybe a retreat in the future?
    My only tip I can share, since I do appliquรฉ and hand piecing, is not to cut thread too long. And as others adviced let it dangle after several stitches. I use thread heaven, it’s a thread conditioner.

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  5. Love your bee blocks. The latest one is really pretty.

    I use the loop method of starting too but as I’m stitching, I keep giving the needle a quick twirl to take away the twist. You can use a double ended needle which can eliminate the twist as you don’t turn the needle. I don’t get on with them myself though. I’m so used to using a normal one ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Donยดt stress away, cause thatยดs when everything starts going wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ I know, been there, done that……Instead be happy for every finished block. The Bee-utiful QAL is such a beautiful project!

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  7. Such a lot of ideas for your twisted threads. Isn’t it funny how we all do different things to achieve the same results? I use the double thread with the caught loop method and allow the thread to dangle every few minutes. Great progress anyway.


    • There sure is! I tried both ways with the same results. Yup, I will continue the one strand method for now and dangle my needle from time to time. I’m definitely interested in the wax and see how that works.


    • Thanks so much! I’m working on the next one now. Was hoping to complete two, but we’ll see what I can accomplish this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


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