SAL Update 8.14

I can’t keep up! The Bee-utiful QAL is already on block 17! Oh well, one block at a time, one work week after another…I need a stitching vacation! 🙂

Block 6 – Bee Sweet

No new stitches learned with this block and I followed the direction stitch by stitch. A simple block, but how sweet it is.

Bee Sweet Block 6Bee Sweet Block 6_2Beeutiful QAL Blocks 1-6

I didn’t make any progress on my cactus pattern, but I did start on my Classic Winnie the Pooh pattern. Here’s where I’m at:

Classic Pooh Cross Stitch 8.13 Update

Can you guess with the silhouette in the middle is? Obviously, the golden colors of Pooh Bear are developing in the background. I wish I had more time to work on this as I’m enjoying the stitching. My only problem is the twisting of my thread. I just can’t seem to get nice flat x’s. Any suggestions? I keep my floss in skein form and have shortened the length of thread I stitch with. Let me know if there are any special techniques that help your stitching.

Time to blog-hop and see what the group is stitching up!

AvisClaireGunCaroleWendyLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbierose, Susan, and Kathy.


25 thoughts on “SAL Update 8.14

  1. Same as Claire. I try and do it about every 10 stitches at least. The other thing is, when I unravel two threads from the 6 in the floss, I’m careful to straighten the threads completely before I start stitching, so they lie flat in the needle eye. If you start with a twist, it just gets worse.

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    • Thanks, Kate! Sometimes I use one long thread and fold in two. This shortens it and gives me my two threads. Then I catch the loop in the back to start my first stitch. Maybe this is causing the constant twist? I’ll try two separate strands on my next stitches.


  2. A part from everyone else’s suggestions, I use thread heaven or good old fashioned beeswax. I find that helps tame threads like the satin thread I’m using, I’ve also used it to tame metallic thread ( they are better used slightly warm, eg I leave mine on a sunny window ledge or on/ above a radiator in winter)

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  3. Christina, still lots of progress! I can relate to your wish to catch up. I’m dying to start the Splendid Sampler, but I just can’t until I finish two wedding gifts…the group is half way done, and I haven’t started my first block! Everyone else has advised you on thread…I wonder if it has more to do with being a satin floss? Maybe that particular type is extra finicky.

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    • Glad to hear in not the only one 😊 Projects will always be there for later so we can catch up! The splendid sampler is adorable!
      I don’t think my floss is satin, just the regular DMC. But have you ever noticed how some colors stitch differently than others?

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  4. I agree with having a vacation for projects, I need a quilting vacation.
    Maybe a retreat in the future?
    My only tip I can share, since I do appliqué and hand piecing, is not to cut thread too long. And as others adviced let it dangle after several stitches. I use thread heaven, it’s a thread conditioner.

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  5. Love your bee blocks. The latest one is really pretty.

    I use the loop method of starting too but as I’m stitching, I keep giving the needle a quick twirl to take away the twist. You can use a double ended needle which can eliminate the twist as you don’t turn the needle. I don’t get on with them myself though. I’m so used to using a normal one 🙂

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  6. Don´t stress away, cause that´s when everything starts going wrong 🙂 I know, been there, done that……Instead be happy for every finished block. The Bee-utiful QAL is such a beautiful project!

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  7. Such a lot of ideas for your twisted threads. Isn’t it funny how we all do different things to achieve the same results? I use the double thread with the caught loop method and allow the thread to dangle every few minutes. Great progress anyway.


    • There sure is! I tried both ways with the same results. Yup, I will continue the one strand method for now and dangle my needle from time to time. I’m definitely interested in the wax and see how that works.


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