Project Linus

Last year at my local quilt show I picked up my very first Project Linus quilt kit. Project Linus is a non-profit organization that delivers quilts to children in need. All the material is donated and volunteers work to create these kits for blanketeers, like you and me, to complete and deliver. I’m sad to say it took me an entire year to complete, but at least I was able to complete in time for today’s quilt show. I was able to deliver my completed quilt and place it on the big stack of donated quilts! It was a wonderful sight to see 🙂 While I was there I picked up another kit. I hope that I can complete this one more quickly. Many of the local quilt shops in my area are Project Linus drop off locations, which makes it very easy to complete some volunteer work and sneak in some fabric shopping too!

Here’s the completed Project Linus quilt that I turned in today.

project linus camping quiltproject linus camping quilt_2project linus quilt backquilt back detail

and here’s the new kit I picked up! I can’t wait to start piecing these adorable vintage ice cream prints!

Linus Project kit

While at the quilt show, I also stopped by some vendors and did a little fabric shopping. I was in a total panel mode frenzy! Did I go overboard? I couldn’t help myself, each was too cute to pass up:

Here’s some more fabric that I recently added to my stash. The cats and the 3 yard bundle were from today’s quilt show, the rest from my local shops. The monkey fabric is my next project for a Straight Line Baby Quilt, so stay tuned.

Do check back in tomorrow for my SAL Update!


6 thoughts on “Project Linus

  1. Project Linus is such a worthy organization. In my state, Linus provided quilts to all the 3 and under kids when their parents deployed. It ended up being about 250 quilts one year, and they were so willing to do it, plus many other worthy causes as well.

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    • Thank you so much! It feels good to volunteer some of my time while also doing what I love!

      Haha, good! Aren’t those panels fun!? In my stash for now. But can’t wait to use them one day!


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