SAL Update 7.24

Three weeks flew by quickly! Luckily I have two more Bee-utiful embroidery blocks to share with you.

Block 4 – Bee Humble

With block four I learned the lazy daisy stitch, which are fun to make! The lazy daisy stitch is referred to as the Detached Chain stitch in my embroidery book. Makes sense to me as I learned the chain stitch first. As you can see, the detached chain stitch makes for some great leaves and petals (and even tiny bee wings)! The original design does not have the hive filled in, but I found the braid stitch to be a great filler for texture and focus.For the leaves and grass I used a variegated green DMC floss called autumn leaves. I love the yellow-green pops of color throughout this block.

Block 4 QALBlock 4 QAL_detail

Block 5 – Bee Courteous

I thought this block would finish up quickly and I’d be able to present three blocks today, but all those little hexies took me a while to stitch up. The designer used back stitches and satin stitches. I decided to do the same with the addition of the Detached Blanket Stitch, which makes for a raised and unique look. I really like the negative space with the design in the lower left. Before I begin stitching, I draw in the lines where by block will be trimmed and where my 1/4″ seam will be once finished. This allows me to position my embroidery exactly where I want it and I recommend it for anyone who’s quilting along.

Block 5 QALBlock 5 QAL_detail

Cactus #2

Not much, but you can see the cactus taking form.

cactus update

…I couldn’t help it, but I’m starting a new project! The final piece will be 10″x15″ on 18 count aida. I was torn between beige or white, but found oatmeal, which gives a nice linen look. There are only 6 colors and no color blending, so this should stitch up pretty quickly! I won’t share with you the pattern image, so you can be surprised with each progress update. I’ll most likely post some progress on Instagram, so do check in 🙂

New project supplies

Check out the SAL Group progress updates by clicking the blog links below and welcome two new members!

AvisClaireGunCaroleWendyLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbierose, Susan, and Kathy.

Warmest welcome Susan and Kathy — I can’t wait to see what you’re stitching up! Susan is also stitching along with the Moda Bake Shop and has some bee-utiful bee blocks ❤

Questions for my SAL Group – How many projects do you work on at once? Do you make sure you finish one pattern before starting another or do you prefer a mix of works in progress?

Until next time!


31 thoughts on “SAL Update 7.24

  1. Your bee themed stitching is beautiful! I like the way you are slightly changing the design to suit yourself. That way you’ll have a unique piece to admire. The SAL began to simply motivate me and Claire to finish one project that had become a WIP or to start a new project and follow it through to a finish. Others asked to join in as they had something to finish too. Don’t we all? We also post about other projects outside of the SAL as we can’t just stick to one thing.

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    • That we do! Exactly why this SAL group is so wonderful to be apart of! Yes, I enjoy seeing the other crafts in progress outside of SAL. Thanks so much!

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  2. Your bee blocks are looking great, Christina! I skimmed through some of your other projects, you are a busy lady! I usually have several things going at once, but try to keep it to one of each type ( quilt, clothing, knitting, stitching, etc.) or I’d never get anything done. 😄

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  3. I love these blocks and would like to do something similar one day. I’ve too many other things that I want to do at the moment though and not nearly enough time.
    I usually have several things on the go and am currently doing cross stitch x2, crochet blankets x2 and a small quilt. (this is probably why my SAL project is coming on so slowly LOL )

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    • Thank you, Carole! Haha, well this makes me feel better about my project count! I most definitely won’t start another cross stitch until one of these is complete! I also have some quilt UFOs to tackle.


    • Thank you! I hate that I’m falling behind on those bee blocks, but my focus will have to be on the nursery gift 💞 I’ll try to still get two more bee blocks complete for the next update. Goals goals goals! How are your projects coming along?


      • Will try to complete Crimson’s quilt then I think I am going to start quilting my stack of quilt tops, starting with Mike’s then Crimson’s. Tonite I started practicing on my sweet sixteen again.👍🏼Doing a sampler cloth.

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    • Thanks, Claire! At first I worried it wasn’t the right stitch, but didn’t want to take them out. As I reached the top of the hive for the finish, I was much more pleased 😊

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  4. I love the bee pieces. Embroidery always amazes me.
    For cross stitch, I only ever have one thing on the go. But crafting in general, I normally have dozens!

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  5. Having lots of different projects on the go is rather normal for me, although I try to finish a thing or two before running off in a totally different direction. For the SAL, I am working on the pile of WIPs in my drawer, deciding for each one whether to finish or to abandon it, and if the answer is “finish”, to consistently work on it until it is done.

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    • This is a fantastic idea! Your project pile makes me feel better too 😁 I think this is a great mindset to have with my UFOs. What do you do with the abandon work? Are those rare your pile?


  6. Love your beehive!!!!! I can’t wait to finish the Bee-utiful quilt, as it truly is beautiful. I am afraid I am working on too many projects at a time, but I love being able to pick and choose and do what I feel like doing :0

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    • Thanks, Susan! I think I will make mine a wall quilt for my guest room/sewing room. Same here, it’s best to work on something else so you don’t get too bored or frustrated with another.


  7. I love your Bee embroidery. The Bees are all so cute. Do you know why I joined the SAL???? Yes, that´s right 🙂 I had too many embroidery UFO:s sleeping in a box. It was time to finish them 🙂

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