Gone Stitchin’

I took some time away from the sewing machine and have been doing a bit more stitching. It started out due to a cold and I needed something creative to do while I rested. So, I pulled out my cross stitching supplies and worked on a small pattern of blooming cactus that I found on pinterest. I was able to complete 1 out of 5 of these potted cuties and am eager to move on to the next one.

cross stitch cactus 1_2cross stitch cactus 1_3

This past Friday, a QAL was presented on the Moda Bake Shop and it’s absolutely adorable! I’ve been eager to start embroidery and have many books on my Amazon wish list. This QAL mixes embroidery and quilting all in one Bee-utiful quilt! The pattern is by Pamela Morgan of Sweet Little Stitches. If you have room for another QAL/SAL or looking to build those embroidery or quilting skills, I definitely encourage you to join along! We’re only one block in, but will jump into blocks 2 and 3 this week!

Luckily I had a handy embroidery book that I borrowed from my mom over a year ago…and haven’t returned. It’s been super helpful! So far I’ve learned various pattern transfer methods and the Stem Stitch. I brushed up on my back stitch and satin stitch, but there’s definitely improvement that can be made on my back stitch. Here, you can see my desired method of pattern transfer – light and tracing 🙂 – along with my progress shots!


Last night, I completed block 1!

Beeutiful QAL Block 1_2Beeutiful QAL Block 1_3Beeutiful QAL Block 1

 I absolutely love it! I will be so eager to get started on block 2, but my goal this weekend is to complete my Dinosaur commissioned quilt. Maybe I can sneak some late night stitches on the couch 😉

12 thoughts on “Gone Stitchin’

  1. Beautiful! Those embroidery/quilt combinations will turn out pretty. Can’t wait to see more of the embroidery blocks and also your commission quilts.

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    • Thank you! I’ll either use the fabric from the original pattern or one of the other suggestions from Moda Bake Shop that had a strawberry and bee print ❤


    • Haha! Have you ever used carbon transfers? That’s the other method that I think I would consider. But do far, the light is working just fine 😉 Thank you! There’s a couple more blocks with this kitty in future blocks!


  2. Cute cactus, curious cat. I have an earlier edition of the embroidery ABCs, its an excellent book. I like a light box, but you light under a table is brilliant. I use a fine line permanent pen. One trace and its done, with dots for lazy daisies. You have a lovely blog

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    • Thank you Debbierose! Yes, I’m really enjoying that book 😉 I’ve used a light box before, but I borrowed it from my mom. Luckily these Ikea side tables have come in handy as my “light box”. I will continue transferring patterns this way.

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