Work in Progress

I can’t believe it’s June already! Time is really flying by this year. I’m still working on my three baby quilt commission and all three tops are complete with raw-edge applique names. In fact, I’ve completed the baby girl quilt entirely. I will wait to photo all three completed quilts and share the finale with you before washed and gifted.

For the lettering, I chose three different fonts to match the look and feel of the quilt. I didn’t have my mom’s LED light box this time, so I improvised using a desk spot light and our glass side table! Since the fusible paper is ironed to the back of the fabric, I traced my lettering backwards, this way the cut out letters on fabric will be facing in the right direction. Jolie’s here took me a little longer than the boy names because I couldn’t pass up this adorable font ā¤

Fused Name

I hand-stitched around Jolie’s name and machine stitched around Jase’s and Jude’s names. I’m currently quilting Jude’s quilt and am almost done and ready for binding. Stay tuned!

Around mid-May, mom and I took a class on foundation paper piecing. The focus of this class was on the pattern by Judy Niemeyer, Desert Sky. The pattern can be a little intimidating for a beginner at foundation paper piecing, but luckily we had an instructor who specializes in Judy Niemeyer patterns and paper piecing techniques. Deborah Brizendine was a great teacher and walked us through every step of the pattern. You can check out her website to learn more about her and her services šŸ™‚

Originally mom and I had planned to use up her oriental scrap fabric that was given to her from our friend Glenda. Lots of fabric! We though surely it would be enough… We sorted through the fabric and separated in lights and darks. Unfortunately, for this pattern it was pertinent that we had complete fat quarter sizes for fabric cutting directions and mom had just enough for one quilt. So, mom and I gathered our modern fabric fat quarters and picked out my combinations of lights and darks for my quilt. This was totally last minute, but with a little bit of wine and a little bit of laughter, we were able to get all my fabric cut the night before class šŸ™‚

In class we worked on one set of nine blocks (there will be 4 sets of 9 when complete). We were instructed to complete one block entirely before the end of class so that we could walk through all the steps and ask the questions we had while we had Deborah available to us. She also showed us how to chain piece the rest so we could continue the pattern at home. The curves were definitely a challenge!

Our first blocks that we completed in class! Mom’s oriental fabric to the left and my modern fabric to the right:

Our fist blocks

Here’s the rest of my first set:

These were so addicting to make and I’m eager to get back to the other sets! ahh…so many projects on my UFO pile and I’m sure there’s more to come.

8 thoughts on “Work in Progress

    • Yes, you should see all the Judy Niemeyer patterns; so much detail! But they set once you learn the technique for this one, you can do them all. Thank you so much! I too am excited to see these blocks come together!


  1. Very intelligent on you letter tracing backwards. The receipents of the quilts will be lucky and enjoy them.
    Your desert sky blocks are looking great. I love wine/laughter moments we spend together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I learned the hard way when I used the fusible material the first time šŸ˜. Can’t wait to see your completed desert sky too!


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