Filling in the Flower Bed

This flower bed has been ready since Spring of 2014 and I’ve been working very slowly to fill it in. Weeds and grass took up the empty space and it caused me lots of extra work last year. This year, I decided to focus on this bed and start filling it in. There are new landscape plans I’m excited to get started on, but don’t want to move on to something new until this one is complete.

Last week we added some great plants!

Curving Flower Bed

The plants that have been growing since last year are Gaura lindheimeri, Autumn Sage, Coreopsis, and Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’.

At the corner of the bed, near the entryway, I planted three Candytuft ‘Lavish’ perennials. They have been blooming for me in shades of purple and white. These little shrub-like plants grow 10-12″ H x 14-16″ W. These will remain evergreen through the winter months.

Candytuft 'Lavish'

The bright sunshine made it a little difficult to photograph the beautiful Dianthus Bath’s Pink. This perennial grows 10″ H x 12-15″ W. The blooms are very fragrant; I will look forward to some cuttings for the kitchen. The grassy foliage has a blue-green color that adds interest and texture to the garden. The only issue I noticed were the stems falling over, but it may need a little more time to establish and take root.

Dianthus Bath's Pink

On the right side of the flower bed, past the Verbena, I added a Big Red Sage. This Texas native has glossy, evergreen foliage and will boast tall spikes of striking red flowers. Grows 24-30″ H x 12-15″ W and is attractive to hummingbirds.

Big Red Salvia

To the right of this sage, I planted Agastache ‘Kudos Mandarin’. This hybrid perennial gets 17-20″ H x 16″ W. It such a beautiful sight to see and is another hummingbird favorite. I find the orange blooms very unique. A great drought tolerant plant for our Texas heat!

Agastache 'Kudos Mandarin'Agastache Bloom

The garden bed wraps around the side and along its path are three Gray Santolina plants. Tiny right now and spread apart far for growth. These little shrub-like silver plants will grow 18-24″ H x 24-36″ W. The curve here leads southwest and gets all day sun and heat. I wonder if they will bloom this year? If so, Summer will bring yellow daisy flowers. I still have room behind the Santolina to add upright perennials.

Gray Santolina _zoomGray Santolina

Finally, at the end of the bed I have a Yarrow ‘Red Velvet’. We only grabbed one as we weren’t sure on the final placement, but there’s plenty of room for more. I think it would look nice to have a cluster of these fine textured perennials with red flat-topped flower heads. This drought tolerant perennial is sure to get plenty of sun here. Yarrow will mature at 24-36″ tall and wide.

Yarrow 'Red Velvet'

A week in and all the plants are looking great! Verbena has been in full bloom and I’ve taken multiple cuttings for the kitchen.

Verbena in BloomVerbena Homestead PurpleVerbena Autumn Sage and Coreopsis



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