One Block Wonder

I took my very first sewing class! Signed up with my mom to learn how to make a One Block Wonder quilt. These are also know as Hexagon Quilts or Kaleidoscope Quilts. I’ve always been amazed with the finished quilt, but never really knew the steps it took to create one. All I understood was that the entire quilt was made with one fabric choice.

The criteria I looked for when fabric shopping for this class was a large repeat, contrast, 3-4 colors, and movement. You also need 6 repeats for a one block wonder. Since the fabric I selected had a 24″ repeat, I needed 4 yards. (24″ x 6 repeats = 144″ / 36″ = 4 yards) You can also use 12, 16, or 18″ repeats and follow this formula for yardage amounts. The smaller the repeat, the smaller the quilt. I may go back and buy more of this fabric as this does not account for any borders. I would like borders so the original print can be seen alongside the kaleidoscope effect.

Moda Fabric NomadModa Fabrics NomadNomad FabricNomad Fabric 2Nomad Fabric 3

In class we cut our 6 repeats and ensured the prints matched each other stacked. Pinned, we cut our strips and used a 60 degree equilateral triangle ruler to cut the triangles. As you can see in the pictures below, we cut hundreds of triangles! A sharp rotary blade is important to cut through the 6 layers of fabric. This took up most of our first class. Mom selected a skeleton print and the class was eager to see the turnout.

mom cutting trianglescutting my trianglescutting my triangles 2

Our homework was to create all the hexagons that each stack of triangles create. Each stack can create 3 different hexagons depending on which point you center. This is the fun and creative part, but it’s also the part that takes up the most time…especially if you’re picky and you want to view all the variations! Towards the end, I was ok with the first layout. There were so many to go through. Once pinned (great technique learned in my class) we chain pieced all the hexie halves. The second class was used to finish up the sewing and layout the design on the design wall. Here’s mine, with our teacher helping to move pieces around on the board while I got a better look from afar. Mom finished hers up at home and I’m blown away at the design she created with the colors!

OBW on the design wallmom's OBW on the design wall

Our rows are pinned and all we have left is to sew the quilt top together! For now, this project is set aside since I have lots of baby blankets to make, which are time sensitive. I hope to get back to this project soon and finish up the quilt, so please stay tuned for the completion. I still need border fabric, binding, and backing fabric to shop for!

14 thoughts on “One Block Wonder

  1. Aren’t they fun to make??! Did you know there’s a One Block Wonder Quilt Forum on Facebook? It has lots of photos and videos, etc, very useful when you’re just starting out, and there are a number of members with lots of experience who can answer your questions and make suggestions/give advice if you’re stuck with something. Love the look of your hexies, and am really surprised at how your mom’s one turned out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Very fun! Yes, the group was talking about the Facebook page! I closed my account, but will have to check it out next time I visit my mom. Many from the group, including our teacher follow and posted ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so excited about mom’s quilt too! I love that effect with the red. I’ll have to make another one sometime and have more fun with the color placement!

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    • Yes! I was just mentioning I would like to make another one and have more color effects like yours! Maybe a 12″ repeat for a wall hanging?


    • Thank you so much! We had fun taking class together and learning how to create these quilts that have always amazed me ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you! Yes, you must give this (and prints) a try! I have not created a quilt with solids only…so maybe I should give that a try too ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have a pattern in my stash for solids!

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