Onion Slips & the Winter Garden

Last weekend was an eventful one. Not the norm, our time is usually spent at home on the weekend relaxing and sewing (for me) before the next work week. We started our weekend with a concert on Friday and hanging out with friends. Saturday, after a little sleep-in, we spent some time with my mom and visited Wild Birds Unlimited. Mom needed some new hummingbird feeders and I was interested in some bird feed. I grabbed a bag of the Choice Blend, the best seller and fulfilling to most of our feather friends. Afterwards, we stopped at Big Shucks for a catfish basket and shrimp cocktail 😀 Sounds pretty good so far!

We also visited our favorite nursery and got a hold of some onion slips for the vegetable bed! These are recommended for planting starting in January and this was the last week to get them in. We purchased two varieties, ‘Granex’ and ‘Texas Early White’.

Granex‘ info from Bonnie Plants and a little onion history from Aggie Horticulture.

Texas Sweet White‘ info from Bonnie Plants.

The vegetable bed has been growing quite well! Here’s a picture of the bed before making some space for the onion slips.

raised bed winter

We removed the broccoli plant, since we harvested what we could. Not a great first time experience with broccoli, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and will be prepared next time we plant. I should have harvested when it was smaller and more compact. I should have made more visits to the garden and kept a closer eye on the growth. The florets became leggy with larger buds, no yellowing or blooming, which is what I thought I should have looked for first before harvesting. Either way, this was still edible and tasty in my opinion! We also removed a purple lettuce that never grew to it’s full potential.

We now had 3 small areas to squeeze in some onion slips. We planted a little closer than suggested, but this way I can harvest every other onion as a green onion/baby onion. The rest should then fill in nicely for a May harvest. Check out all the varieties we had to choose from! Scanning the labels, we settled on a yellow and white onion that specified “easy growing”…

Onion Slips North Haven Gardens

First we turned the soil, which I’m happy to report we spotted some earthworms! This tells me the cardboard at the base has decomposed and the soil is healthy. Next we added some compost and created some mini trenches. We added a little Bio-Tone to the trenches and planted our onion slips 1″ deep. Re-mulched and watered the entire bed with organic fertilizer.

onion slipsonion slips 2onion slips 3

You can see how lovely the other vegetables are growing in. Romaine is definitely my fastest growing lettuce and feel 2 plants were sufficient for my salad needs. Swiss Chard, looking striking in the picture above, was a slower grower and feel I will need 2 of these next go around. Here’s some more pictures of the bed, including some growing Brussels Sprouts!

Romaine LettucearugulaFrizzy LettuceBrussels Sprouts foliageBrussels Sprouts

I have more to share with you on the Winter flower beds too. I have a Salvia Clevelandii and Lavender plants to add in the beds. In addition to painting and furnishing our Guest Room, it looks like I’ll have plenty to work on this weekend too. Until next time!

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