Western Baby Quilt Update

I’m almost done! I have a little more quilting to do, but will definitely be posting again next weekend with my completion. I have a due date of Feb. 5th, so I’m glad I had the mindset to complete by the end of the month. This past weekend I worked on completing the top. The blocks were pieced together using Bella Solid in a creamy off-white, which paired nicely with the tan western themed border. Can’t wait to show off the binding!

Paul Quilt TopPaul Quilt Top_angle

To create the initials, I borrowed my mom’s LED light pad to trace the initials onto Soft Fuse Premium. This light pad was pretty cool and was my first time using it. I printed my letters from Microsoft Word and turned my sheet upside down to get the backwards letters. I did not think of this when printing them out until I got to tracing onto the fusible material. Turning my page still worked fine though. Once I traced my letters, I cut around them and ironed to the backside of my initials fabric. With a sharp pair of scissors, I cut my letters out and played around with the placement. I was torn whether to center the initials on the quilt or the bottom right, off set from the block and border. I finally decided on bottom right ๐Ÿ™‚ With my frixion pen, I created some guides to determine how far from the binding. With a monogram style, I placed the “B” centered, the norm for Surname initial placement. To the left, the “L”, which is the first name for baby Luke. To the right, the “G”, for his middle name. I was so nervous to actually press the letters in place….so I called my mom for reassurance. Sent her some pics, peeled the paper back, and pressed my letters in place! No going back now! I used a matching thread to raw edge applique the initials to avoid fraying.

Tracing letters Soft FusePositioning LettersRaw Edge Applique Initials

Next, I ironed my backing fabric, which is oh so adorable! Ride ’em Cowboy by Robert Kaufman.

Ride Em Cowboy Robert Kaufman

I basted my quilt and started quilting!

For the blocks I used 4 different prints. The red bandana, the blue with stars, and the blue with boots/hats are from the Ironwood Ranch Collection by Stephanie Marrott for Wilmington Prints. The Chevron is from the Cowgirl Up Collection by Simon & Kabuki for Quilting Treasures. I found the colors of brown, green, gold, and blue in the chevron to fit perfectly with the Wilmington Prints. The outer border and the branding print used for the initials is from Western Album II by Western Denim & Dirt for Blank Quilting.

12 thoughts on “Western Baby Quilt Update

    • I will add the little pockets on the back so they can easily hang in the nursery too! I hope the quilting turns out good too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your help!


    • Thank you! I really like the block too! I just realized how similar it is to the x and + block, which is one of my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚


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