2015 Finishes

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After sorting through all my images, for the mini slideshow above (enjoy), I feel pretty good on the progress I made. I also worked on a few unfinished projects throughout the year and I’m pretty excited to get those completed in 2016. This includes my x and + quilt, my TBT Sampler quilt, a Batik UFO (which I haven’t written about), and my Christmas Wonky Star quilt. All in all, I had a blast learning new skills and getting crafty with friends and family. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing all of your creations as well. Thank you for the support and inspiration ❤

On another note….some pretty exciting news…

Santa brought me a Juki for Christmas!! #1 on the to-do is learn the machine and start practicing to get a good handle on it. I have some baby quilt projects that I need to get started on asap! Of course, Neko thought this was a fantastic box and exactly what was on her list.

Neko Juki 1Neko Juki 2

See you next year!


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