First Harvest & More

Last night I decided it was finally time to harvest some lettuce for a side salad. Paired with a homemade roasted garlic vinaigrette and spinach and cheese raviolis, this made for a wonderfully delicious meal! For the salad I harvested some large, older leaves of Romaine, Arugula, Swiss Chard, and Mustard Greens. There’s still plenty in the garden for a couple more side salads, but I will let it grow in a little more before another harvest. For the vinaigrette, I found 50 Salad Dressing Recipes on Food Network and can’t wait to try them all! So far, we’ve made the Classic Vinaigrette, Mediterranean, and the Roasted Garlic.

harvested lettuces chopped letucceHere’s the bed now, growing in nicely 2 weeks since planting. The storms we’ve been having lately cleaned the cinder blocks off and the plants loved it! The plants were a little shocked at first and I was worried when I saw droopy leaves the next day after planting, but after we snipped some leaves this helped to give the plants some strength. The rain has also helped and they’ve been growing fast!

Raised Bed after HarvestStill plenty of Romaine left and is the base of our salads. We have two growing and I’m thinking maybe 3 next time will be better. The Arugula only had 3 or 4 stems two weeks ago, look at it now! The beautiful purple Mustard Greens is definitely my largest plant. This added color and texture to the salad.

Romaine Lettuce Arugula Mustard Greens

Here’s the Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts. Looks the same to me at this point…but can’t wait to see the veggies grow in!

Broccoli and Brussles Sprouts

Cilantro! I’ve harvested from this little plant about 3 times now and am forcing myself to stop and let it grow. If I spot another one I need to snag it. We’ve got a few more cinder block holes to fill in 🙂

CilantroOther plants I wanted to share with you from the garden.

My Clematis has decided to trail horizontally along the ground. Just started blooming again and you can see more buds ready to open! The Fall Mums are also showing off some vibrant blooms. Not as full in bloom as it was when I bought the plant, but these new blooms are definitely larger. Finally, the Ajuga is looking lovely with these cooler temps. It’s been spreading into the rocky area, which is giving this bed a nice touch.

Clematis Fall Mum AjugaNow for the More… Last week was my birthday and mom surprised me with a FQ bundle of Tiger Lily from Heather Ross! So excited and can’t wait to create something wonderful with this fun line of kittens, ballerinas, and nature inspired designs. Hurray and Happy Birthday to me! Thanks mom for this bundle and for my needle nanny ❤

Tiger Lily FQ Bundle Heather RossLastly, I couldn’t resist sharing these cute pics of Neko. She took a moment to sunbathe while I was cleaning up the sewing room and I snapped a few shots.

Neko Sunbathing Neko Sunbathing 2 Neko Sunbathing 3Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “First Harvest & More

  1. Mmm…nothing best than a homegrown salad, fresh and homemade vinegrettes.
    And happy you will enjoy your b-day gifts. I know you will create a beautiful quilt to always enjoy. If I was a cat I would as well enjoy soaking the sun.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The temps dropped dramatically it was chilly in the house. Opened the shades and she loved the warmth… In fact, she’s still lounging in the sun, moving as it moves across the floor 🙂


    • Haha, glad I could spread the joy! The cilantro I do have was the last one left at the store and a little sad. So it’s been hard for it to build strength, especially with us eating it 🙂 Hopefully it should now start sending some new growth!

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