Wonky Star 2 & TBT Snowball

I know it’s late, but I still made it…Happy Thursday! I have two different blocks to share with you today.

First, my Wonky Star for week 2, I like this star better than the first! More hot cocoa is a must and I’m now down to one colorway left from this print. I love the striped center; it reminds me of candy canes. The white star points are also fun as you can play a little bit of I-spy with the Christmas inspired prints. This star was easier to make as my background fabric was non-directional and I could sew my points on any side. I also angled my half square triangles higher to get more of a point, which I prefer 🙂 Super excited about completing this quilt for the holidays and getting some pictures of it with the Christmas tree!

Wonky Star 2 Wonky Star 2 detail#weektwowonkystar

For my second block, I completed Penny Rose Fabrics Traditional Block Thursday, Snowball. A super easy block to make! These were made with 6.5″ centers and 2.5″ corners. I went with a very scrappy look making each block unique with different backgrounds. I love how this block turned out, but I’m also kicking myself for making one snowball too small and having to create a new one. Measure twice, cut once!!! Ugh, the fabrics were perfect together and I only had scrap sizes to cut from. The second block is made from the same fabric as the first, but with the center and background fabrics switched, which is all I had left of these two fabrics. Owell, the smaller snowball can be a quilt label for another project.

Snowball Blocks Snowball Block Snowball Block detail Center of Snowball BlockI really love the colors and prints in this Snowball block. I’ve been waiting on the right block to showcase the Scotty Dog and Umbrella prints ❤ I also love the center where the four different background fabrics meet to create a colorful diamond shape.

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

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