Wonky Star, Week 1

I spoke too soon… We are NOT out of 90 degree weather here in Texas! We’ve reached mid 90’s this week, but it should start to cool down Friday onward. Regardless of temps, there is still Christmas fabric on the cutting table and up on the design board!

This weekend I was able to iron out my fabric and pre-cut everything into 6″ squares. I then divided out the fabric to show me the arrays in red, white, and green. Since the fabric size I have varies, the amount of 6″ squares I could get from a single print also varies. The final look of each block will be scrappy, but every fabric placement is thought out 🙂

6inch stack Christmas Fabric Christmas FabricI had to take a quick refresher and look online for wonky star tutorials. I still get a little turned around when making these. Do you trim your first point before adding the second, or do you trim at the end? I trim at the end…just make sure everything is where it should be when you trim back down to the original square size. I used my seam ripper once…It was getting a little too wonky!

Wonky Star Points Wonky Star Points TrimmedHere’s my Christmas Wonky Star 1

Wonky Star Week 1 Wonky Star Zoomed In Wonky Star detailI love the hot cocoa print! Don’t you!?



6 thoughts on “Wonky Star, Week 1

    • Thank you so much! Stay tuned… There’s cardinal prints I can’t wait to use 🙂 It will be nice to have a special quilt to bring out for the holidays.


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