TBT – Variable Star

Happy Thursday!

Hurray for the first day of October and we’re finally out of 90 degree temps here in Texas!

Today I completed my Variable Star block, also known as Sawtooth Star or Evening Star. I had hoped to complete this block last week, but was busy completing the Mouse Camp Quilt. The Variable Star block was a breeze to work through. It only required 4 flying geese units, a center square, and background squares. I didn’t have enough of one fabric to make the star, so I went with a scrappy green star on a blue background. From my selection of green reproduction fabric, I focused on light green hues and small, dense prints to keep the star as harmonious as possible. I alternated the points, each pulling yellow and pink from the center square. I’m really happy how lovely it turned out!

Flying Geese for Variable Star Variable StarThere’s another tutorial already up on Penny Rose Fabrics Blog and it looks like fun!

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