Mouse Camp Quilt

Yesterday I made great progress on a baby quilt that I’m making for my husband’s cousin. She’s expecting a baby boy in November. Her shower is at the end of the month, so hoping I’m able to complete this quilt on time. So far, this quilt has been an easy and quick project; I’m enjoying it so far! While at the last quilt show, I found a perfect print, Mouse Camp by Erica Hite. The family who’s receiving this quilt loves the outdoorsy/camping theme and this print had it all!

At the time I had no plan in mind, just a yard of fabric with an adorable print repeat. With that, I decided on a Double 4-Patch quilt pattern. My plan was to utilize large squares to show off the mousy print and the 4-patch of solids, or smaller prints. After some calculations and a goal of a 40″ x 40″ baby quilt, I took out some graph paper and put my plan down.

Plan40″ x 40″ Double 4-Patch:

For this pattern, you will need 1 yard of fabric for the main print. (3/4 yd for a tight fit will work too). Cut (3) 8.5″ strips, then sub-cut into (12) 8.5″ Squares.

For the 4-Patch, you will need 4 solids or accent prints, 1/3 yd each. (1/4 yd for a tight fit…but I had some issues with this) Cut (2) 4.5″ strips from each color, then sub-cut into (13) 4.5″ squares. This equals a total of (52) 4.5″ squares. Keep your 4 color piles separate and organize them in the order you’d like if all 4-patches are to remain the same.

I decided to keep all of my 4-patch blocks identical, but you can definitely have some fun with this! Alternatively, you can go with one main print and 2 accents like I did with my Traditional Block Thursday version: TBT – Double 4-Patch.

Fabric cutsMy first step was to create all of the 4-Patch blocks. I chain pieced the top two colors first, then I chained pieced the bottom two colors. After pressing my seams in opposite directions, I pieced the top and bottom rows together. You will finish with 13 4-Patch blocks. I put them up on the design board, along with the 8.5″ squares, alternating the blocks until I was satisfied with my mouse placements 🙂 You will have 5 rows with 5 blocks each. I completed the top by piecing the blocks together by rows, pressing my seams towards the 8.5″ mouse blocks, then sewing the rows together. It’s up on my design board for now ready for the next step!

Mouse Camp Quilt Mouse Camp Quilt_zoomThis coming weekend, I will need to join some of my leftover batting with a zig-zag stitch. Have you tried this? It works great and minimizes wasted pieces! For the back, I selected a woodsy flannel fabric, which should be nice and cozy for baby. I purchased 1 1/4 yard for a whole cloth back and there should be some left over for my scrap baskets. The binding fabric is so lovely! Mainly white with a brown outlined flower print and golden-yellow centers, I purposely bought extra fabric on this so I could have some too! I like 2 1/4″ strips, if you do too, you’ll only need 1/3 yd of binding fabric. If you prefer 2 1/2″ strips, plan for 3/8 yd. From the binding fabric, cut 5 strips to accommodate this quilt size.

Back and Binding FabricI have plenty of variegated green thread from Superior Threads to quilt this blanket. I’m thinking a simple straight-line quilting on either side of all seams to keep the quilt soft.

Check back soon for the completed Mouse Camp Quilt!


6 thoughts on “Mouse Camp Quilt

    • Thank you very much! Floral is going on the binding but I love the large print. It had all the right colors for this quilt, but I’ll have to find a spot in one of my quilts to show it off! May need to buy more of it 🙂

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