Plus Quilt – Complete!

I worked all weekend to finish up the Plus Quilt so I could gift it. Friday was my step mom’s birthday and while I originally planned this quilt as a Christmas gift, I figured a birthday surprise would be better 🙂 We visited yesterday and she was so happy to receive such a personal gift. Of course she loved the colors, which I picked specifically for her, and she loved all the quilting of straight lines and swirls. For the quilting, I went through the arrays of thread my husband’s grandmother gave me, and found a matching blue for the back along with blue, purple, pink, and white for the top. All the quilted sections matched the fabric.

With this quilt I learned how to pull my bobbin thread through the quilt before quilting to secure my starting stitch. In the past I would just leave it on the bottom and back stitch. Pulling the bobbin thread through made the final quilting look cleaner in the back and also made cleaning up of the loose threads easier. Petey helped me find the threads and test for quality assurance of course. I used a color catcher in the wash as I was concerned with the white and black fabric. I ended up catching color from the purple fabric and luckily there were no bleeds into the white. I love color catchers! I have one left so I’ll definitely buy more on my next grocery shopping day.

This quilt came together nicely! I had my challenges with piecing, but I also learned about partial seams. The color scheme came from a palette builder by Design Seeds and pulled hues from Figs. I enjoyed taking these color guides when selecting fabric and paid attention to both print and scale. At first I was not 100% sure the fabric I selected went well together, but nature doesn’t lie, the colors blend beautifully!

Plus Quilt Plus Quilt 2 Plus Quilt Diagonal FMQ Swirls Plus Quilt Back 2 Plus Quilt Back Petey and Plus QuiltFabric Selection

Partial Seams Tutorial

Quilt Pattern


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