TBT – Broken Dishes

Happy Thursday!

Check out last weeks tutorial for Broken Dishes by Penny Rose Fabrics for Traditional Block Thursday! This is our last block that focuses primarily on HSTs. We followed the same technique as we did with the pinwheels and drew our 4″ x 4″ squares with diagonal lines on the back of the background fabric. For the background fabric, I chose an off white piece of scrap fabric left over from my Plus Quilt that I’m currently working on, which has a white print that may be difficult to see in the photos. For the broken dishes, I went with a beautiful teal and orange fabric from Hope Chest by Erin Turner for Penny Rose Fabrics. Placed my two rectangles of fabric right sides together and drew my diagram with a frixion pen, then pinned it well to keep from shifting.

HST diagramI sewed a 1/4″ away from my drawn diagonal lines and followed it around the “track”. The tutorial offers arrows on their diagram to help you follow along with your sewing machine and avoid having to stop and start for each square. I drew these arrows on my diagram as well, but as you begin sewing it becomes intuitive on which direction to go next. Still a good way to double check though 🙂 Next was the trimming and I happily used my Bloc Loc ruler!

16 Half Square Triangles later…

Trimming HSTI got a little confused with the pressing directions on the tutorial, but in the end I was able to match up my seams and get the block sewn together quickly. I don’t know about you…but I still see pinwheels! Haha, that comes to my eye and first glance, until I focus on the “broken dishes”. Maybe a scrappy version where each set of brocken dishes are one color, would help make it stand out more. All in all, a very cute block, no matter what you see 😉

Broken Dishes BlockBroken Dishes Block detail


2 thoughts on “TBT – Broken Dishes

  1. Turned out nice. On broken dishes I’ve seen I beleive have two different solids.
    How funny how the eye sees different things when we use different fabrics in the same patterns.

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