Plus Quilt

We’re half way through the year and it’s time to get started on my gifting projects! I won’t say what’s for who…just in case that person gets a sneak peak, but I also can’t wait for the end of the year to share updates with all my readers!

To get me started on this project, I knew I needed dark, rich colors and so I sought the help of Design Seeds! I was inspired by this color scheme titled Fig Hues:

Fig Hues_Design-Seeds
Click here to see more from Design Seeds

Figs and FabricFabric cutThis palette has just the right amount of dark and light to make the pattern pop! The pattern I found makes for a great, cozy lap quilt and allowed me to learn a new skill, “modified” Y-seams. The pattern is called Plus Sized Quilt and you can find it, along with other free patterns, from Camelot Fabrics. Now, I will say this pattern requires some previous sewing knowledge and familiarization with Y-seams, inset seams, and/or partial seams. The pattern does not give great direction and only mentions the order in which to piece the rectangles. I spent so much time searching the web for tutorials and videos, but had no luck finding this pattern’s scenario. I may try and create a tutorial on the steps I took to make the block, in case anyone here is interested in making this quilt…or for anyone searching the web needing a how-to.

First of all, let me list my resources that I used to get me going with my own steps of action. Many thanks to the following:

A Modified Y-Seam??? by Molly Flanders

Partial Seams by

How to Sew a Basic Y-Seam by Edyta Sitar

This pattern does not mention any type of sewing method to follow and when I followed it exactly as it’s written, I had to turn to the trusty seam ripper. The final block size is not listed either, but my block turned out 15″ x 15″. They will be sewn 4 by 4, so 16 blocks total are needed. I’m very excited about this color combination and eager to see how it will turn out with the final look. Already trying to determine what kind of quilting I will do as well. The only fabric still on my list for this quilt is the backing, but will need to work on the front a while longer to get a feel for the overall look before selecting more fabric. Stay tuned for my block tutorial!

Block 1

Block 1Back of block seams

Seams on the back of Block 1


6 thoughts on “Plus Quilt

    • Thank you! I could only get through one block as I started to get a headache reading and rereading the block directions, lol…Instead, I finished my Sunday evening with some cross stitching 😀


    • Thank you! The black fabric was by first find. Took me a couple of fabric trips to find the right selections for the other colors. 🙂


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