Coneflower Quilt – Complete!

Well, I finally finished my Coneflower Quilt. It took me 6 months as I had other baby quilts and WIP projects to complete. I found the backing material and quilting thread at Quilt Con, so I’m glad I didn’t rush through it; these were great finds that went perfect with the Coneflower Quilt. Believe it or not, this is only the 2nd quilt I’ve made for myself! With the addition of the Butterfly Quilt mom finished for me, my quilt stack is now 3 quilts high 😀 Can’t wait to add more and find a decorative way to display them. Plus, Neko always hogs my Cozy Critters Quilt, so now we each have a comfy couch quilt.

I decided on a feathers free-motion quilt design for each rectangle of the quilt front. It took me about 2 weekends to complete this. For the inner border I went with a wishbone free-motion design, which is hard to see in the photos. Finally, the outer border received a wide zig-zag quilted pattern that I used the walking foot to complete. Binding was a breeze on the sewing machine and I’m thinking I prefer 2 1/4″ binding strips. For the label, I used Doe fabric scraps from my X and + Quilt project and used a cute machine blanket stitch on the seams. This is the thread color I used on the overall quilting.

I probably would have completed the quilting sooner….but these were my challenging roadblocks:

Neko on quilt Petey on quiltKitty tested, Kitty approved!

The Quilt Top

coneflower quilt top viewconeflower quilt Quilt diagonal

The Back

coneflower quilt back birch scamper racoons birch scamper racoons detail Back detailThe Label

quilt label

Check out the progress from beginning to end:

The Fabric

Block 1 and Block 2

Completed Quilt Top

Completed Quilt Back

Here’s the free Quilt Bars Quilt Pattern from Camelot Fabrics! Thanks for following along 😀 So happy to have one more quilting project crossed off my 2015 Goal List!

quilt stack quilt stack 2


6 thoughts on “Coneflower Quilt – Complete!

  1. Yay! It feels good to complete quilts.
    Turned out great.
    I am working on two quilt tops as gifts
    can’t wait to get them done and off my
    Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! While I have more gifts on my list, I am happy that I at least have 3 wip quilts just for me 😀 Can’t wait to see your completed quilts!


    • Thanks Glenda! I learned from the best and felt it came quite naturally to me! I ❤ Quilting!
      The raccoons are very adorable; it's from Birch Fabrics and it's an organic cotton. I've had that in my stash for a long time — one of my first online fabric purchases…happy I didn't have to cut into it 😉


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