TBT – Crosses & Losses

Happy Thursday!

Last week, Penny Rose Fabrics presented the Crosses & Losses quilt block tutorial for Traditional Block Thursday. I really love this pattern and would like to make a full quilt with this block one day. The colors Penny Rose Fabrics used for their tutorial are so adorable; I need to get my hands on that Cheddar & Indigo Collection! It really gave this traditional block a modern feel and the color combination is the perfect pair ❤

I decided on a yellow background for mine, one of which has teeny tiny purple dots, so I paired it with a beautiful purple and orange print.. For the smaller HST, I went with a coral/orange print with sweet hexagons and flowers. I didn’t have enough of the first yellow fabric, so I found another with white polka dots to complete the background. I think it all came together quite well.

My fabulous mother has noted my need for a squaring ruler and bought me the Bloc Loc! I tried it for the first time on this block and love it! You have to press your seams to one side to get the full benefit of this ruler. It has a ridge on the diagonal that bumps up against your HST block seam, assuring you of complete accuracy! Even better, if you rotate the ruler against the seam, the block stays in place underneath allowing you to trim all sides without lifting the ruler 😀 I’m not sure if it comes in larger sizes, but mine trims down to 6.5″. For this tutorial, I trimmed down to 3.5″ and 6.5″. Has anyone else tried this ruler? How about on seams pressed open?

Bloc Loc Ruler for HSTCrosses and Losses BlockCrosses and Losses Block detailThanks for stopping by and have a safe 4th of July weekend!

4 thoughts on “TBT – Crosses & Losses

  1. Beautiful colors and pattern. I’m glad you liked the ruler. Yes there is a bigger one and a smaller one.
    You might want to test try an open seam block.

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  2. NIce Block! I love the Bloc Loc rulers. They actually come in several sizes. I have the 6-1/2″ that I’ve used for a long time. Recently I invested in the 3-1/2″ to use for trimming all the “waste” trianges into squares and other smaller hsts. It’s a little easier using the smaller ruler on the smaller pieces. Even though there are other sizes available, these 2 sizes cover everything I need. I am sure you are going to love using yours.

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    • Then I definitely want the smaller ruler! I have all those tiny hst blocks from my x and + scraps that will need trimming! Thanks for the info 😀


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