TBT – Jacob’s Ladder & Milky Way

Happy Thursday!

I finally went fabric shopping last weekend and grabbed some new reproduction print fat quarters…along with some other cute prints for my stash that I couldn’t resist. My mom also had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I visited her over the weekend. She found 5 mini bundles of reproduction prints that she had purchased 13 years ago from a quilt show and decided to give them to me for my Traditional Block Sampler project! Stashed away just waiting for that special project ❤ In addition to those, she gifted me a Penny Rose layer cake bundle of 30’s Minis by Erin Turner. — Thanks mom!

reproduction bundlereproduction bundle 2reproduction fqNow I have plenty of fabric to work with! I was 2 blocks behind but used this week to catch up; another tutorial just posted today too! I love how these blocks turned out and can’t wait to start the next one. I may go back and re-do my Churn Dash and Maple Leaf to give them more contrast and add the first set to the back of the quilt so it’s not a total waste.

Jacob’s Ladder:

Jacobs LadderJacobs Ladder detailMilky Way:

Milky WayMilky Way detail 1Milky Way detailStay tuned next Thursday for Pinwheels!

11 thoughts on “TBT – Jacob’s Ladder & Milky Way

    • The alphabet print is from one of the bundles…and I learned something new from it too. “A is for Angora”, I had no clue what it was, so I googled it. For the image in the print, it’s referring to a Turkish Angora Cat. 😀


    • Thank you! Seems like you always need a light and dark fabric for most of the blocks, contrast is key. I find that challenging with 30’s reproduction prints since they are so colorful, pastel, or multicolored. You really do need a good variety on hand 🙂

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    • Thank you! You know, I noticed an error this morning on my Milky Way block… Drove me a little crazy, but I’m over it and will leave as is. The 4 patch on the corners are not consistent, the inner corner should be the dark print but I was focusing on leaving the print right side up so you can read it. Haha, I think it’s still cute 🙂


  1. Your unnoticeable error is like my error Anthony picked out on my Celtic Solstice. This is how we
    learn. But they are cute errors that make us laugh or smile!

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