x and + Block 12

x and + block 12x and + block 12_detail hst squares block 12Block Tutorial

Fabric:Tokyo Train Ride from Cotton and Steel (Middle + and Background Triangles), Doe from Robert Kaufman Fabrics (Flanking + and Bottom Right x Unit), Dandelion Fabric Unknown (x units), Chicks from Sew Stitchy by Moda Fabrics (Top Left x Unit)

I’ve now completed 12 x and + blocks and will need a total of 24 for my layout design. I’m taking a short break from these while I quilt my Coneflower Quilt, get a little stitching in on the cross stitch, and get organized for Christmas gift making (can you believe we’re 6 months away from Christmas!?).

So Stay tuned for the next set of 12…This was fun and hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them so far!

12 x and + blocks

7 thoughts on “x and + Block 12

    • I know! Can’t wait to re-organize the order when they are all complete. It’s interesting how you see a brand new block when the corners meet and you get a whole new mix of colors and design 😀


    • Thank you! I think each one was my favorite when it came together as a block 🙂 Can’t wait to complete this project. I’m thinking straight line quilting to show off the fabric.


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