Wonky Star Mug Rug

I am finally ready to start quilting my Coneflower Quilt and decided on a feather FMQ pattern for all the rectangles that make up the quilt. I’ve never free motioned this design and while they say to practice on scraps…scraps are just as precious to me! So with that in mind, I decided to make a mug rug for work and use it as FMQ practice.

On Pinterest I found a wonky star mug rug post by verykerryberry, where she gives the fabric cuts for a 9″x9″ finished mug rug or pot holder and she also provides a link to the Wonky Star Block tutorial. It was quick and easy to make! My mug rug started with a scrap of Tula Pink’s Doe Eyed in Silver from the Moonshine fabric line. It’s a nice light grey with a bright orange bee in the corner that will showcase as the center of the star. The star spikes are made from a golden motif print, which were left over from Christmas Cloth Napkins that I made. Finally, I decided on a pop of orange for the background. Backing and binding are the same; a light and modern tree motif, left over fabric from the Kitchen Apron I made for a co-worker.

mugrug sewnI practiced the feather design on paper first, over and over and over…then decided to take a hit at the mug rug. I’m still having a little trouble following the previous line and so there’s some overlapping of stitches. I tried some “free hand” and others I marked with my Frixion pen and followed the lines. I think I prefer drawing them out and tracing the design…at least until I’ve had more practice.

mugrug quiltedDo you see what the busy bee is spelling?

The final size of the mug rug is a little big for my preference. I think if I make more in the future, they will be either 9″x6″ rectangles or a cozy 6″x6″ square. Maybe this one just seems so big since my mug is teeny 😀

The orange looks different in all types of lighting. I work with cool lighting in the sewing room (images above) and warm lighting in the kitchen (image below)…interesting.

Wonky Star Mugrug 2


10 thoughts on “Wonky Star Mug Rug

  1. 😊 oh my gosh! Love it. You will have
    to make me a wonky mug rug for me
    at work!
    On the feathers, you don’t have to exactly go over the same lines.
    Experts don’t even do it if you look
    closely. There are no quilting police around us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will make you one 😀 I noticed with practice, it was easier to go over the lines. But yes, there are some feathers where you never have to double back. All kinds out there! Haha, true about the quilting police.


    • Thank you! Have you quilted before? It’s great fun and definitely takes some hand eye coordination when it comes to free motion quilting 🙂 Practice practice practice… And YouTube videos, lol!


      • It is something I really fancy giving a go but I haven’t plucked up the courage yet. I am not that great with a sewing machine but thought it could be a great way of finishing my cross stitch projects without paying out for framing all the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Great idea! Hope you give it a try and I look forward to seeing what you create for framing alternatives!


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