x and + Block 6

x and + block 6x and + block 6_detailhst_block6Block Tutorial

Fabric:Tokyo Train Ride from Cotton and Steel (Middle + and Background Triangles), Doe from Robert Kaufman Fabrics (x Units), Honey House Peach by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics (Flanking +).

2 thoughts on “x and + Block 6

  1. Like as well. Do you play around with
    the fabric colors till you like?
    Are you running out of fabric options?
    Will have to shop for fabric or look in
    my stash.😊

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    • I start with Tokyo Train Ride as the middle then look through all my matching and contrasting fabrics. My x units need to be mono-chromatic, so I have various sets of 4 for those options that best match Tokyo Train Ride 🙂 I then need the background to pop or to allow the x units to pop…. All in all, I’m having fun with all the options! And YES, I need to grab those modern fabrics from your stash/scraps!!


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