Artemisia and Friends – April 2015

Do you remember my Silver Queen Artemisia sprouts last month? — March update

Well it’s been doing great and has filled the entire middle space of the flower bed. I have other great plants that accompany my Artemisia so I thought I’d share some images of their spring growth too.

Here’s a panoramic over view of the garden bed. You can see all the spots my Silver Queen Artemisia has spread to.

Back yard flower bedThis is the Cedar Sage which also bloomed its first year in the garden. If you’re looking for an immediate bloomer try Cedar Sage, or Salvia roemeriana. It’s drought tolerant and hummingbirds love it! Just the other day I saw a hummingbird checking out each bloom, so cute! My Cedar Sage is definitely larger than it was last year and I originally had 2 of them. One is trying to hang in there but is either dying from root rot (so much rain this spring!) or ants (if that’s possible). Look at all that beautiful Artemisia, complimenting those red blooms so well!

cedar sage cedar sage and artemisiaHere’s Lyreleaf Sage, or Salvia lyrata, which I also have two of. I’ll be honest, it was recommended by our local nursery, but I didn’t think it looked all that exciting…It really does shine it’s second year and it is beautiful! I love the foliage and it has grown very tall. It towers over my Daffodil foliage, which didn’t bloom this year, and boast purple/blue blooms. Both the cedar sage and lyreleaf sage remained evergreen through our Texas winter.

lyre leaf sage2 lyre leaf sageBehind the Lyreleaf Sage is a Texas Lantana, but it’s still growing in. I’ll be sure to give you a summer update for the Lantana as well as the Coneflower that is growing in on the far right. This flower bed faces East and gets sun from the morning to late afternoon. All of these plants make for a great water wise garden! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!


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