Dwarf Tickseed – April 2015

My little coreopsis started blooming this month. The growth from my March update until now is tremendous. Spring growth happens so quickly! I’ve planted annuals around it, but hope it spreads a little or re-seeds in this area to fill the space with it’s adorable foliage and blooms. I look forward to seeing the plant needs as we approach the summer season. So far, we’ve had plenty of rain and have had no needs to water. I recently had the opportunity to add a few cuttings to a small vase and placed it on the kitchen island. These little yellow blooms have a nice fragrance to them and instantly brighten any space.

– Foliage growth with buds starting to appear –

coreopsis1– Then there was one bloom –

coreopsis2– Now there are more blooms –

The blooms appear to be reaching for the sun. This bed extends around the bushes and along the front yard; I think I’ll add more drifts of Coreopsis. I really love the shape of the petals ❤


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