Becky’s Quilt Update – The Top

Becky and I got together for another quilting day! She kindly made her Chili and Cheese Enchiladas for us as well which was awesome and delicious!

The goal for yesterday’s sewing day was to complete the quilt top including borders. 7 hours of sewing later and it was done! Time really did fly by…it did NOT feel like 7 hours… don’t judge ;p

With all her blocks cut and pinned in rows, she got started on sewing the blocks together. I showed her how to alternate pressed seams so row to row joining would be a breeze. She ran into a couple of hiccups, but that’s expected with a first quilt and is part of the learning process. She quickly mastered the seam ripper, eh hem… Right Sides Together! Ran out of bobbin thread for the first time too and learning to back stitch so she can continue where it left off. For the border, I showed her how to square fabric before making the first cut. Glad I re-read the directions as we both learned something new working with this pattern — the borders were cut lengthwise vs WOF.

Becky felt so great having completed the quilt top! A great achievement and the quilt looks awesome! I think she did a great job with the color layout too; there’s a great mix of warm and cool tones spaced out evenly.

I stayed busy too, piecing my Coneflower Quilt Back…but it still needs some work. Hope to have it posted for you in a couple days 🙂 Our next get together will be: Designing the back and buying the fabric for back and binding.

Jelly Roll Quilt - Bourbon Street Bricks Quilt

Jelly Roll Quilt - Bourbon Street Bricks QuiltRead more about the beginning process for this quilt.


9 thoughts on “Becky’s Quilt Update – The Top

  1. Turned out nice. And yes hours fly
    by when having fun. Funny how she
    mastered the seam ripper.
    Having an extra bobbin or two ready
    full helps especially when your sewing
    Nice work girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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