Kitchen Apron

My co-worker is getting married! She’s also packing up and moving to another state! 😦 sadness… I wanted to sew something up for her as my bridal shower gift to her and I immediately thought a kitchen apron would be a nice touch. As she was looking through my blog some months ago, she pointed out that she really liked my Gardening Apron and liked the idea of a half-apron. I decided to follow this same pattern, but I changed it up just a bit.

For the apron body, I purchased 1 yard of fabric, and decided to make the kitchen apron a little longer than the garden apron. I also wanted it a little wider for a more wrapped looked, which also made cutting easier. With this idea in mind, I cut the length about 18″, then cut that piece in half along the width of fabric. From 18″ x 44″, down to two pieces 18″ x 22″. For the pocket I kept the same measurements as the garden apron in regards to height. The half yard of fabric folded, made the pocket about 9″ high. To secure the stitch where the folded edge of the pocket meets the apron, I added two mother of pearl buttons just over the stitch. To secure the buttons, I added a little fabric glue first, then hand sewed the buttons in place. The straps were cut 4″ x WOF from the main body fabric. I pieced 2 strips for an easy length to tie in the back. I didn’t want a seam in the middle of the tie so I cut one strip in half and pieced on either end of the longer strip so the seams hide on either side of the tie.

She says she’s not much of a cook, lol…but I think an apron always comes in handy, no matter the chore. Plus it’s ADORABLE! 😀

apron frontapron backapron4Pattern adapted from Sewing 101: Gardening Apron tutorial from Design Sponge. Click the link for sewing instructions and original measurements.


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