Ajuga – April 2015

My Ajuga is blooming!

ajugaThis was the first plant I planted when we moved into our home. It did not bloom last year, but this spring surprised me with stalks of blue flowers. The variety I have is Ajuga reptans ‘Burgandy Glow’, also known as Bugleweed. It’s planted along side our back porch where I also created my very first flower bed. When we moved in, this spot was a bed of rocks to catch the rainfall from the covered porch. I decided to remove all the white rocks and prep the soil underneath for a small bordering bed.

With a shovel I dug and turned the dirt, added compost, turned some more, and finally added 3 tiny Ajuga plants. Mulched around them….then the rain hit…and washed a good portion of my bed away as it dropped hard from the running water along the covered porch. Luckily I did not throw out the rocks and had them stored in the shed. They served a purpose after all and I ignored it, lol. At this point, I decided to make the border half rock, half garden, which in the end made the border aesthetically more interesting in my opinion. My Ajuga gets morning and early afternoon sun, then shade thereafter due to the porch and faces East.

Fall 2013 – Rock/Flower Bed

This variety has a beautiful array of colors ranging from cream, to burgundy (as the name suggests), and dark green. I’m even seeing new growth now that Spring has arrived, with little horizontal shoots here and there. This past wintery weather left the Ajuga looking rather worn, but the new foliage is shining though. Since this variety is also a slow grower, I like to mix in some annuals. I also planted some alium bulbs in between the Ajuga plants but this year only produced strands of foliage, no blooms. Next year will be a sight for sure.

This spring blooming groundcover is hardy in zones 3-10, will take shade or sun, and is evergreen so you enjoy it year round. It will spread up to 1 ft. and grows 3″-6″ in height. I noticed it has lightened in color with Spring, but the foliage will darken into the Fall. Such an interesting little plant; I’ve enjoyed it so far 🙂



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