Lovely Iris

We have an Iris that lives on the west side of our home. It happily announces that Spring is here when I notice it sprouting and finally blooming. I did not plant this Iris, so I have no clue what kind of Iris it is. In fact, when we first moved in our home, I noticed the spikes of foliage coming through during our first Spring there and I thought they were onions of some sort. I even tried pulling it out!! I tugged and tugged and it would not come out…the foliage would just snap off at the base and so I gave up trying to pull it and waited patiently for a clue. Then it bloomed! A beautiful shade of purple/blue and yellow.

This year it had 3 blooms! Sadly the blooms have already faded and as I’ve read to just leave the foliage as is until it browns. Iris foliage passes on the energy for next year’s growth.

Can anyone tell me what kind of Iris I have? It’s definitely a Spring blooming variety; the first bloom came at the end of March. The foliage is narrow, slender, and long. Assuming it is a bulb vs rhizome since I gave it some pretty good tugs and it did not budge! There are so many types of Irises, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Iris in bloom

Iris top view

2nd Bloom, same plant
2nd Bloom, same plant
3rd bloom
3rd bloom

It comes and goes so quickly!! Already can’t wait until next Spring 😀


4 thoughts on “Lovely Iris

    • These descriptions sound like my iris but I’m seeing reticulata as being a shorter iris, 6″. Mine got pretty tall, 2ft maybe, I’ll have to measure to confirm. Thanks Glenda, I’ll keep reading!


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